it’s almost time for high fives and salsa dancing

We’ve got spirit
yes we do,
we’ve got spirit
how ’bout you?

Oh, these long, long days of elementary school…reading logs and flash cards.  Homework folders, #2 pencils, and letter grades.  Field days and cafeteria drama.  Good times.

After enrolling as runny nosed midgets who can’t walk in a line, kids slowly adapt to school culture.  They learn to take turns in the bathroom and use up all the paper towels.  They figure out which kickballs are the good ones and how to get an extra turn on the tire swing at recess.  They even gain an appreciation for certain cafeteria foods.

By the time kids move on to middle school they’ve morphed into nearly functioning humans.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’ve been All In with elementary school for at least seven years now, and that doesn’t even count the years I taught it.  I’ve done the PTO, class parent, and tutoring thing.  I’ve volunteered for teacher luncheons, brought classroom supplies, and chaperoned field trips.  I stepped up for class crafts and teacher appreciation weeks without fail.

But as Bear heads into her last couple of months as an elementary school student I’ve gotta admit…I’m done.  I’ve logged our minutes, practiced math facts, signed homework folders, and hauled coolers for field days for years now and I’m done.

Okay, fine, I’m sure there’ll be a part of me that sighs the tiniest of sighs when I realize both kids have moved on to middle school.  But I’m pretty sure that sigh’s gonna be pretty freaking quiet.

Because you know what else elementary school loves?  Spirit days.  Spirit weeks.  Themes out the wazoo.  And mama ain’t got no mo’ time for that sh*t.

I’m rolling on through trying to track homework, projects, chores, and sports schedules without missing school deadlines.  Plus I do have certain responsibilities of my own, and these people that live with me keep wanting to eat dinner so there’s the food issue…it’s, like, life around here all the time, man.

But you know what we really need?  Dr. Seuss week.  Because on top of my real life I really want to remember that Monday is Hat Day, Tuesday is Be A Star, Wednesday is Wacky Tacky, Thursday is Crazy Socks, and Friday is Oh The Places We Will Go.  Then I’d like to be privy to the meltdown that occurs when someone-who-shall-not-be-named cannot find the very particular item for the following day.

And how about Spirit Days?  Now, it’s hard to actually complain about spirit days because they’re fundraisers for Relay for Life and what kind of cold hearted b*tch wouldn’t want to raise money to fight cancer so I suck it up and put those things on the calendar.  They’re spread out over the year so it’s not too overwhelming – pajama day, hat day, favorite team day, career day – but it’s just one more thing not to forget, you know?

Now I do have an acute objection to Twin Day.  They started that one three years ago, just in time for Bear to be heartbroken because the friend she wanted to twin with was already twinning with someone else in her class and her other best friend wasn’t even in her room…and on and on and on.  I ask you: does anyone who has girls or was a girl or knows a girl think this is a good idea?  Am I the only one who sees Twin Day as ripe for disaster?  Apparently so since it keeps popping up on the calendar year after year.

But again, Relay for Life, so we suck it up.

Now we’re looking at thirty-eight days left in the elementary school sphere – thirty-eight days – and then I’m out.  O-u-t, OUT, baby.  I’m tagging in all those kindergarten mamas and papas, the ones just starting their uphill climb through field trips and forms, while I salsa my way out the door.

We’ve got spirit, yes we do.  We just don’t necessarily need Wacky Tacky day to show it.

16 thoughts on “it’s almost time for high fives and salsa dancing

  1. I did all that stuff for a long time, too. With the first set, with the second set. I stopped when we moved here. I can’t say they’re any worse for wear. I would like to give two years to the high school performing arts department — those two years when they’re both doing it, but I have to say, not a fan of the department head. Rather hope he gets promoted before I get there. 🙂
    The worst ones for me and my family have always been the color days. I cannot tell you how many times, legit, I’ve had to go buy a specific color shirt for a kid to wear. *sigh*
    Twin day DOES sound awful. :/

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    • Oh, the color days. Why do they always pick the colors my kids simply don’t own? And I explained for years why spraying their hair some crazy color was a bad idea until I finally just caved and let them do it — once they realized what a pain it is to wash out they never asked again.

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    • I think we’ve all hit the wall right about now, and it doesn’t help that my kids started reviewing (!!) for EOGs this week. The EOGs they take at the end of May. Which means the next month is spent reviewing material they’ve already learned instead of, I don’t know, getting an education.


      • I’m not sure what EOGs are but I’m sure they are similar to the testing we are going thru. what I’m getting annoyed with is e-learning. bringing the tablet home to do a day of school work instead of going to school. or having a two hour delay when the weather is fine and do hw on the tablet before school. I would rather them go to school then sit in front of a tablet. which they sit on front of one there to. I guess I’m just old school

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        • They instituted End-Of-Grade testing after I left teaching, thank goodness. It starts in 3rd grade and the kids (supposedly) have to demonstrate mastery of grade level skills to move on. There are certain “gateway” years — 3rd, 5th, and 9th — when students are supposed to be held back if they don’t make high enough scores, so the stress level at the end of the year in those grades shoots through the roof. Good times.
          One of our teachers got a grant for a paperless classroom but they can’t do anything like what you’re describing because there’s no guarantee every student has access to internet at home. Even so, I’ve never heard of doing a day of school work at home as a substitute. It sounds like you’re in a pretty progressive area…


  2. yeah they each have iPads they bring home every night. it has all their hw and books on it. when they have school closing, they still have school by using the iPad. I hate it. I hate that they don’t have books to hold or papers because it is all online. all the hw and paperwork is downloaded on them at school so everyone has it regardless if internet.

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