I recently revisited one of my old guilty pleasures, Charmed.  Gotta love Netflix – all the crap television you’ve ever watched, ready to waste your time on another go ’round.

In case you missed this particular tv show, it tells the story of three sisters (four, once Shannen Doherty supposedly went a little woo-woo and they had to bring in another “power of three” character) who come into their powers once they’re reunited in their childhood home.  Cue sisters struggling with identity issues as they battle the forces of evil to save the innocent.

Yeah.  It’s pretty much as bad as it sounds.

I mean, I didn’t think it was bad at the time…back in the day (I’m sooooo old) I was fascinated by a peek into the world of Wicca, an area in which I had no experience whatsoever.  I didn’t know any witches, hadn’t learned about it in CCD class (bwahahahaha! – my Catholic pals get it), and it’s not like they were running documentaries on PBS.

So what’s a girl to do except turn to The WB.

I was fascinated by the Book of Shadows (oooooo), a dusty old tome in the attic that held all of the spells their ancestors had cast over the years.  (Yep, magical powers was a family thing.)  There was something beautiful about the thought that women had each added their own part to the book over time.  And I found the concept of spells rather, well, spellbinding.  Not in a “love spell” sort of way, nor was I fixated on how a spell could alter reality.

I think it was because I was drawn to the idea that words have power.  That words – when uttered in a certain order, or cadence, or space – could bring goodness to light and banish evil to the darkness again.  The fact that the spells were at their strongest when all three sisters said them together added to the show’s appeal.  The power of family, the strength of women standing together.  Good stuff.

Now upon revisiting the show I realized that the special effects were absolute crap, and some of the early episodes are painfully stilted and poorly written.  I must have been more patient with my television in those days.

Or maybe they had me under a spell.

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