I’m excited to introduce a new feature to Riddle from the Middle called 5 from my Tribe.  I’ve loved interviewing the kids so I thought hey, wouldn’t it be fun to involve the whole family, and I was right!  (It happens.)  We had the best time on Wednesday evening, sitting around the table, pulling five questions from the bag and taking turns answering them over dinner.

Some were thought provoking, some just for fun, but the most important part was how much we enjoyed spending time together.  Good times.

5 from my Tribe

What do you think is unfair in the world?

  • Bear:  I think an unfair thing in the world is slavery that still exists in other countries.
  • T-man:  What I think is unfair is that kids don’t get much of a choice.
  • BrightSide:  People who feel entitled and prejudiced.  Prejudice is unfair.
  • me:  I think it’s unfair that some people in this country that’s supposed to be so great, if they get sick or lose all their money, sometimes they feel like they’re left all alone.

 Pick one:  chef, fashion designer, architect, teacher of ? (your choice)

  • me:  I gotta go with teacher of…I would love to be a teacher of creative writing.  That’d be awesome.
  • Bear:  I would choose fashion designer.  Because I like sewing and I like fashion.
  • T-man:  I would like to be a teacher of skateboarding and scootering.
  • BrightSide:  Teacher of finance.

Only child or one of six kids?

  • T-man:  Only child.
  • Bear:  One of six.
  • BrightSide:  One of six.
  • me:  I would be one of six also.  I know it’s a lot of people, but I can’t imagine being an only child.
  • Bear:  Yeah, because I’d really like to have a sibling and somebody to hang out with and somebody who understands.

Ability to time travel or freeze time?

  • T-man:  Time travel.
  • BrightSide:  Time travel.
  • Bear:  Freeze time.
  • me:  Freeze time…interesting!  Why would you guys want to time travel?
  • BrightSide:  Curiosity, knowledge, wisdom.
  • T-man:  New technology.  I cannot wait for full-dive VR and full-dive AR.

In winter: socks, slippers, or bare feet?

  • BrightSide:  Socks.
  • Bear:  Socks.
  • T-man:  Definitely socks.
  • (general disagreement)
  • T-man:  Oh!  I thought you meant a choice.  Bare feet.
  • me:  I do slippers.  Socks underneath them, but slippers.