Oh, Gracie…our sweet, adorable, scampish, bullheaded, never-met-a-thing-she-didn’t-want-to-eat Gracie.

If you’re a long time reader, you know what’s coming.  If you’re new to RFTM, welcome aboard the Gracie crazy train.  We keep a running tally of her dietary hijinks around here.  No embellishment necessary.

**  One unopened can of Del Monte white corn, accidentally left on the counter after a shopping trip.  Gracie stripped the label before crushing and puncturing the can.  Little kernels of corn peeked through the holes while juice seeped into my carpet.

**  Chinese takeout stolen from T-man’s plate.  Apparently Gracie has a penchant for General Tso’s Chicken.

**  Scrambled eggs stolen off the counter and paper towels from the trash can.

**  Phoebe’s dog food, every chance she gets.

**  Moldy pastrami.  Moldy pastrami.  I’ll just let you sit with that one for a moment.

**  A gift bag along with the mini pack of tissues hidden inside it.

**  Cans set aside for recycling are licked clean – Spaghetti-Os, green beans, soup, whatever – Gracie doesn’t discriminate when she’s cleaning.

**  Yet another #2 pencil along with part of a bar of soap.

**  Gracie has learned to pop the top on our bathroom trash can and remove the bucket from inside.  Don’t ask me how, but given some time to herself in there she’ll empty that can and devour its contents.  Last go round that was tissues, used Band-Aids, cotton balls, and tooth floss.  Plus a roll of gauze from the counter.

**  A photo of BrightSide and me on his college graduation day.  Lucky for her, it was only partially nibbled as opposed to devoured.