Even as a nerdy vocabulary lover like me hits words that cause an unreasonable amount of anxiety.  Someone explain again how the English language manages to butcher any concept of predictable grammar rules.

“I often come across words I would like to use in conversation, but don’t because I’m not sure how to pronounce them.

If I say them correctly, I will sound smart, but I mispronounce them I will surely sound vacuous or fatuous.

Those are two good examples right there.  I think the first word is vack-you-us or something close to that, but I am not too confident.  I would pronounce the other word fat-you-us but for some reason it apparently has a “ch” sound in it.  Some words are just best left unsaid.”

Top 5 Words I Would Use In Conversation If I Knew How To Pronounce Them – nickclaussen.com