when the devil’s plugging TJ Maxx and Aunt Millie’s

They say the devil’s in the details.  I say the devil’s sitting smack dab on my shoulder, whispering sweet nothings in my ear. 

**  There’s a pizza place just a hop, skip, and a jump from the lake.  And when I say “pizza place” I actually mean “pie nirvana where pizza lovers go to eat themselves into a blissful coma.”  It’s called Aunt Millie’s, and at Aunt Millie’s they put toppings directly on the sauce then douse it in gobs (gobs!!) of cheese.  In the oven it transforms into a deliciously melty treat that makes my eyes roll back in my head and my tummy beg for more.

**  I’ve been singing the praises of Amazon for a while now, but (ever slow to the game) I’ve finally discovered the glory of Amazon Prime Pantry.  Alright, sure, I’ve seen the words “prime pantry” on the website so it’s my own fault that it took me a year after becoming a Prime member to look into it.  But what sort of black magic is this?  I can fill a box with staples and it will ship, for free, to my doorstep.  Not that I don’t love the grocery store, but if I can shave thirty minutes off my trip by getting a bunch of stuff online?  Yes, thank you.

**  I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with TJ Maxx.  I mean, their prices?  Come on!  With the kids growing out of their clothes left and right I have a philosophical objection to paying full price for anything they’re wearing.  But TJ Maxx bears a marking similarity to the Bermuda Triangle we call Target.  You wander in, get lost in the aisles, pull what you’re looking for, then end up with at least five extra things in your cart.  Or you go in for jeans but come out with three sports bras, two pairs of leggings, a cute top, and some new placemats for the kitchen.

**  Oh, lordy, we love us some flip flops around here.  Squishy ones for running around town, fancy ones (can you even call flip flops “fancy”?) for casual dressy, styles in between to go with shorts and tops.  They may not always be appropriate but you can pretty well count on the fact that we Just Don’t Care.

**  Adulting means work, we all get that.  There’s stuff to be done, whether that’s at a job or around the house or with the kids.  Whatever.  But then I hear that tiny devil whispering in my ear: “Just look at that sweet dog over there.  All curled up and cozy, dozing away, perfect for dog snuggles on a rainy afternoon.  How important is laundry, really, when you could love on those fur babies instead?”

4 thoughts on “when the devil’s plugging TJ Maxx and Aunt Millie’s

  1. Oh, see, you’re the one who taught me about the Amazon music, but girl, I been on that Prime Pantry since day one! Love that! Love the prices on a lot of it, too.
    I love ONE kind of pizza, and it’s the Luca/ Buono/ Sbarro — the stuff that’s usually found in the mall and $4 a slice and I want TWO 😉
    I usta go to TJMaxx all the time in Georgia, but I don’t here. I dunno why… maybe because we have a Kohl’s on every corner? Ha. Gah, I love livin back in the city!
    Love those furbabies 😀

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