Sunday Snapshot: summer’s wild thing


You're like a little wild thing
that was never sent to school.
Sit, I say, and you jump up.
Come, I say, and you go galloping down the sand
to the nearest dead fish
with which you perfume your sweet neck.
It is summer.
How many summers does a little dog have?

Run, run, Percy.
This is our school.

Dog Songs by Mary Oliver, ©2013 

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: summer’s wild thing

  1. My 12 plus year old, rat terrier is on his last summer. His back legs are going and he is falling down the stairs quite a lot but I don’t think he is in pain, he eats just fine and goes potty so until he starts pottying in the house or can no longer walk, I can’t see putting him down. He has been a pain in the ass, cost us close to 3 grand the first week we had him cause he got hit by a car and has never obeyed…not even once. But I know I will cry like a baby when I have to take him to the vet for the last time.


    • I am so, so sorry to hear this. We had a miniature dachshund who had cushing’s and getting close to the end was really hard. She, too, was stubborn and hard headed and always seemed to do things on her own terms, but putting her down broke my heart. These dogs…

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