hi, my name is Laura, and I’m a…

…well, I don’t know that there’s a name for what I am.  But I suspect some might say I’d benefit from a meeting or two. 

Lularoe.  I’ve waxed poetic written about my newfound enthusiasm for this particular brand of clothing.  The shirts I’ve gotten are okay, but the Maxi skirts and leggings?  My oh my.  I thought it was to my advantage that I don’t have immediate access to this stuff – it’s not like they sell it downtown or anything – but the thing is, I do.  With a click of the mouse trackpad I can drop onto a Facebook page and there it all is, Lularoe heaven, spread out on the screen before me.  So I called a timeout. No more Lularoe, not for a while.  All I had to do was stay away from the Facebook page.  The next week I was the proud owner of a new pair of wiener dog leggings.

Coffee Diva.  Not in a Starbucks addict sort of way.  I actually don’t like very many things from Starbucks (which I know could get me deported in some cities), but that’s neither here nor there.  My favorite coffee is the kind I make on my trusty Keurig at home – a large Breakfast Blend with four Splenda packets and two (big) splashes of creamer.  In a pinch I might let BrightSide make me a cup, but for real…I have a thing about the coffee/sweetener/creamer ratio.  There it is.  Call me a control freak.

Clothing Issues.  These jeans fit, those shorts don’t.  That shirt fits, except on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month when I inexplicably gain four pounds.  Those socks have always been fine, but recently they’ve begun cutting off circulation after a few hours.  Can feet even outgrow socks?  My leggings fit, and some of my skirts, but those particular dresses are on permanent hold until I can breathe in them again.  Maybe I should scrap the whole closet and start again.  Or maybe I’ll just move to a nudist colony and say the hell with the rest.

Naps.  Look, you can tell me all you want that daytime sleep messes with my body’s natural rhythm.  That I’ll rest better at night if I skip the afternoon nap, that I won’t feel as tired during the day if I don’t drop off for a sixty minute snooze.  The fact remains there are times when my eyes literally close while I’m sitting up and there’s nothing left to do but slip into Zzzz central and come out the other side (mostly) refreshed.

28 thoughts on “hi, my name is Laura, and I’m a…

  1. I don’t nap every day but when I need one I like 45-60 min. In a pinch 15 minutes will restore me enough to make it to bed time. Coffee flows in my veins, πŸ™‚ Made at home, Tim Hortons, or McDonalds (double, doubles) are my favorite when in Canada. When I’m in the U.S., Dunkin Donuts or Jack in the box are my top picks. I enjoy the occasional Starbuck specialty drink, latte’s and such but not their coffee. At christmas time they do sell a christmas blend bean that makes a good at home coffee.

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    • I guess I like such a narrow category of coffee that I just haven’t been inspired to sample many menus. In a pinch I do like that McD’s caramel mocha but it has a stupid amount of calories and too much dairy for me. (So sad.) I laid down for my afternoon nap today and found that I COULD NOT SLEEP — ack! Danger! My cough is bothering me too much, though, so I guess I’ll just have to suffer my way through my meetings tonight…

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  2. I just found my dream coffee maker….it is one of those glass pitchers that look like something from a chem lab with a stainless steel v-shaped cone that you put the coffee in and pour hot water over the coffee and it drips into the pitcher…..OH MY GOSH…..takes less than five minutes and I have two perfectly brewed cups of coffee (that’s all I can drink in a day). I got it on Amazon and some very tasty decafe coffee called “Peet’s” in the Java Mocha flavor.
    I have five pairs of the leggings and one top (which I have yet to wear). As a woman of substance, I need long shirts to go over my 35 year old baby fat….(don’t want to lose that stuff too fast, ya know…) so I got the Carly shirt….they need to make it with 3/4 sleeves so those of us with bat wings can hide them.
    My online crack is Zulilly…..everyday they tempt me with everything from food to furniture…..and I do not need much urging to drop most of my “old age” money right int their account.

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  3. I think we would be great friends IRL! I’m in lula jail myself right now, lol. The only thing I get from Starbucks are either peppermint mochas or the double chocolate chip with a shot of peppermint (yes, I have a l thing for peppermint, lol).

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    • Hey, it’s hard not to!! It’s at that droopy point in the afternoon so you’re already fading…add a little quiet & warmth & im surprised they don’t have to go around knocking on everyone’s windows. πŸ˜‰

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  4. Naps, Coffee, and Lularoe! Three of my favorite things for sure! πŸ˜‰ You better watch out, it starts as an addiction and then you end up a consultant! Lol
    What I always tell my girls in “Lulajail” is host a party! That way you get the Lula for free and aren’t out any money.


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