Wow.  This never happens, you guys.  My brain is so ping-pongy – drop a couple of words in my lap and something comes to mind.  It might be random and bizarre but it’s something.

But I’m sitting here with nothing.  Which is particularly ironic since this week’s stream of consciousness prompt is “all or nothing,” so at least my writer’s block includes one of the words.


I’m staring at the computer…

  • All or nothing…isn’t there some kind of saying about going all or nothing?  No, that doesn’t sound right.  Damn.
  • We use All laundry detergent, the kind with no added perfumes and stuff because I have crazy skin that bursts into weird rashes when it meets a random ingredient it doesn’t like.  Can I predict these ingredients?  Nope.  It’s a little like playing Russian roulette with my entire body.
  • I think “or” is a particularly useful conjunction.  Hot or cold, in or out, up or down, sweet or salty – there are a million choices to make.  Can you imagine how convoluted our speech would be if we didn’t have “or”?
  • Nothing.  Nada.  Niente.  Nulla.  “Nothing” is one of the few words for which I have three alternate language versions at the ready.  What do you suppose that says about me?
  • I’m a wordy girl.  A book person.  An English major, even.  But there are some books that I haven’t read (or if I have I don’t remember them) – the kind of books that bring shame in literary circles.  All the King’s Men comes to mind.  Try claiming a literary arts education while tossing out that you have no idea what this one’s about…talk about a cred killer.
  • What if I switch it up to nothing or all?  Yeah, nope, that doesn’t help.
  • Maybe some rhymes…all, hall, mall, tall, ball, wall, stall, y’all.   Hey, those look a lot like what shows up on Word Walls in the kindergarten classrooms. Except y’all.  Even down here that’s not a part of formal language education.

Okay, that’s probably enough torture for today.  Love ya, mean it!

Linda’s blog hosts a stream of consciousness post each Saturday.  This week’s prompt is “all or nothing.”