BrightSide:  Why is this called 5 from my Tribe?

[blink, blink]

BrightSide:  Why don’t we do four questions?  There’s four of us –

T-man:  That’s what I was wondering!

me:  You would bring that up.

Bear:  Dad!  Because five rhymes with tribe!

BrightSide:  Five, tribe – well, it’s a slant rhyme…


Yep, we were off to a roaring start that night.

5 from my Tribe

What would your superpower be?

  • Bear:  Super strength.  I like to be strong.
  • BrightSide:  Invisibility.
  • T-man:  Flying.
  • me:  Super speed.
    • BrightSide:  Like Flash?
    • Bear:  I woulda thought you’d be Elastigirl.
    • me:  Nope.  Like Flash.

I love to learn about _____.

  • T-man:  Math.
  • Bear:  The 1800s.
  • BrightSide:  I like learning about people.
    • Bear:  What kinds of people?  Smart people, dumb people?
    • BrightSide:  Just people that I can learn from.  People of different faiths, people from different cultures…
  • me:  I like learning about animals.

Favorite book or movie.

  • T-man:  Middle School by James Patterson
  • me:  Right now, I guess my favorite book on the shelf is Love Warrior by Glennon Melton Doyle.
  • Bear:  The Hunger Games.  Book and movie.  I don’t like Catching Fire and the last one makes no sense.
  • BrightSide:  I have a lot but the one that comes to mind is How to be Rich by John Paul Getty.

Favorite season.

  • Bear:  Mine’s fall because it’s pretty, and it’s not hot and it’s not cold.
  • BrightSide:  My entire life it’s always been summer’s my favorite, but I’m getting to where I think it’s spring.
  • T-man:  Spring.
  • me:  I’m torn evenly between spring and fall because they’re both…when things start turning green again and we start seeing color, I love that…and when it starts to change colors in the fall I like that, too.  So I can’t pick, I get stuck between those two.

Name a kindness you saw, did, or received today.

  • Bear:  My kindness that I received was mom ’cause she’s, like, the only person I’ve actually been with today.  But mom played a board game with me.
  • BrightSide:  Miss Phyllis shared her strawberries.
  • T-man:  I received strawberries from dad.
  • me:  I didn’t have to cook dinner tonight because BrightSide kindly brought some dinner home for us.