Forever Family: 5 from my Tribe 5/26/17

BrightSide:  Why is this called 5 from my Tribe?

[blink, blink]

BrightSide:  Why don’t we do four questions?  There’s four of us –

T-man:  That’s what I was wondering!

me:  You would bring that up.

Bear:  Dad!  Because five rhymes with tribe!

BrightSide:  Five, tribe – well, it’s a slant rhyme…


Yep, we were off to a roaring start that night.

5 from my Tribe

What would your superpower be?

  • Bear:  Super strength.  I like to be strong.
  • BrightSide:  Invisibility.
  • T-man:  Flying.
  • me:  Super speed.
    • BrightSide:  Like Flash?
    • Bear:  I woulda thought you’d be Elastigirl.
    • me:  Nope.  Like Flash.

I love to learn about _____.

  • T-man:  Math.
  • Bear:  The 1800s.
  • BrightSide:  I like learning about people.
    • Bear:  What kinds of people?  Smart people, dumb people?
    • BrightSide:  Just people that I can learn from.  People of different faiths, people from different cultures…
  • me:  I like learning about animals.

Favorite book or movie.

  • T-man:  Middle School by James Patterson
  • me:  Right now, I guess my favorite book on the shelf is Love Warrior by Glennon Melton Doyle.
  • Bear:  The Hunger Games.  Book and movie.  I don’t like Catching Fire and the last one makes no sense.
  • BrightSide:  I have a lot but the one that comes to mind is How to be Rich by John Paul Getty.

Favorite season.

  • Bear:  Mine’s fall because it’s pretty, and it’s not hot and it’s not cold.
  • BrightSide:  My entire life it’s always been summer’s my favorite, but I’m getting to where I think it’s spring.
  • T-man:  Spring.
  • me:  I’m torn evenly between spring and fall because they’re both…when things start turning green again and we start seeing color, I love that…and when it starts to change colors in the fall I like that, too.  So I can’t pick, I get stuck between those two.

Name a kindness you saw, did, or received today.

  • Bear:  My kindness that I received was mom ’cause she’s, like, the only person I’ve actually been with today.  But mom played a board game with me.
  • BrightSide:  Miss Phyllis shared her strawberries.
  • T-man:  I received strawberries from dad.
  • me:  I didn’t have to cook dinner tonight because BrightSide kindly brought some dinner home for us.

2 thoughts on “Forever Family: 5 from my Tribe 5/26/17

    • And that doesn’t even take into account the clothes. Getting to pull out my favorite jeans and boots in the fall…but then enjoying flip flops and airy tops in the spring…

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