Parenting has forever altered my sense of smell.  I hate to seem like I’m taking the easy way out with this prompt – smell…smelly…kids…parenting – but for real, I believe my olfactory nerves have literally shifted since these little delights have marched into my life.

Pre-kids I remember a wide range of primarily positive odors.  Body wash, conditioner, freshly cut grass, chocolate chip cookies – it was a world of memory inducing smells.  Every once in a while I felt the jolt of cigarette smoke, smog, or skunk, but those were the exceptions.

I still have a healthy appreciation for the happy smells (is there anything more glorious than freshly baked bread?!), but lawd, the rest of my smells have gotten R-A-W.

I won’t even play the dirty diaper card.  How about baby vomit, after it’s dried while you’re trapped under a sweaty, feverish child?  Or dog poo that’s been tracked throughout your home by a kid’s sneaker?  The overwhelmingly toxic fumes of milk gone sour in their rooms, sweat soaked socks buried at the bottom of a hamper, or ripe armpits after a day of recess and P.E. – all shocks to the system.

It’s not that I don’t stumble across the wonderful smells anymore.  I guess the horror worthy ones have just multiplied and made their presence impossible to ignore.

Sniff, sniff.

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