And I’m sharing this one because…well, because it caught my eye.  And I thought it was fun.  Not fun in a “isn’t it funny this guy Josh has anxiety issues” but fun as in “OMG, it’s like reading a transcript of my brain!!”

“Since most people have a smart phone and it is assumed that the device is on one’s person at all times, if a message is sent and not immediately replied to it seems as though something was wrong with the message you sent or that the person who responded to that message doesn’t like you. At least that’s how you think if you are a socially anxious person. I don’t really know how normal people respond to this. They probably think rational things like “Hey! This person didn’t respond because they are driving, or eating or playing kickball! BECAUSE KICKBALL IS FUN!!!!” “

Interviews and Butt-faces. And Something About Millennials Maybe? I Don’t Know. Not Really. I Mean There’s Stuff About the Modern World But Not Millennials. And I Don’t Really Bash Them Much So I Probably Won’t Go Viral and Get Views. Okay, This is Stupid. Where’s the Fear Stuff. Boo. Gotcha. Now It’s about Fear. – The Scardiest Cat on the Block