Joy, oh joy, all hail the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it out here on The World Wide Web.  It is, after all, what lets me put my writing out into the world.  Plus it’s been a remarkably receptive place for me…I haven’t seen hide nor hair of those internet trolls, so it’s been a bit like prancing through the forest as baby deer munch grass around me.

Then again, The World Wide Web also hosts the crazies.  The haters (sing it, Taylor), the racists, the pompous jerks who take pleasure in others’ misfortune.  It’s the perfect platform for those looking to rage against the man, the machine, or society at large.  And sometimes the spillway for that grumpy grousing leads right into the blogging world.

So let’s all take a deep, cleansing breath and dive into a fresh start.

I’ve written plenty of odd rants and raves, posts that weave our life’s insanity into an entertaining yarn.  But not today.

Today I’m giving you an Anti-Bitchy Post.  These would be those things that bring at least a twitch of a smile to your face.  Unless you’re dead inside.

**  Seeing a huge fluffy dog, sprawled on her back, scratching her nose with her paws.

**  Eating the last bits of cookie dough from the bowl.  (Yes, yes, I know…salmonella.)

**  A tall cold drink on a hellaciously hot day, preferably one being refilled often.

**  A perfectly soft blanket, heavy enough to cut the chill but light enough to breathe.

**  The still, silent bunny standing watch beside a neighbor’s bush as we head to school in the mornings.

**  When the corkscrew cleanly enters the cork then smoothly slides out.  No cork floating in the bottle.  Plus, wine.

**  Γœber gooey chocolate brownies.  Ones that make drool dribble from the corner of your mouth with every bite.

**  A foot rub with just the right amount of pressure after a long day of walking/standing/working.  The kind of foot rub that makes your eyelids flutter shut in blissful delight.

**  Pizza with perfectly melted cheese and a crust that’s doughy but not too chewy.

**  Watching an animal gleefully bake in the sun’s warmth.