SoCS – the almighty weather app

We are obsessed with the weather around here.  My kids are probably the only ones their age who religiously check the weather app before going to bed.  Try to get them to turn in for the night without their fix and there’s likely to be a riot on our hands.

What will the temperature be in the morning.  You wouldn’t think this would matter an awful lot since they’re going to be inside a building all day long, but it does.  Especially with T-man.  BrightSide gave him a cutoff (don’t ask me what it is, they keep changing it) for what the temperature needs to be for him to leave the house in shorts.  Lawdy, the uproar over shorts around here…it’s enough to drive a girl to drink mimosas espresso.

Whether it will be raining, and when, and for how long.  Bear rolls with this but T-man is an outdoors fella, so rain is a pretty big deal.  Rain ruins skateboarding plans.  And scooter time.  And basketball.  And whatever else those boys do when they’re hanging around in the driveway for hours at a time.  (No, they’re not drinking beer.)  Whether it’s gonna be a light shower that passes during school hours or a steady rain all day is the difference between a “YES!!” or a “awww, man” when the boy gets in my car after school.

T-man’s also oddly talented (well, I guess not oddly, it’s just a skill I don’t understand) at reading the skies.  Guess his fifth grade science teacher did an outstanding job because that kid can tell whether a storm is imminent or if it’s just a gloomy sky.  And he’s never wrong.  Never.  I have learned not to buck T-man’s predictions or I end up soaked in a shower.

Now that we’re heading into summer I suppose we’ll shift our obsession to temperature highs.  I’ve already seen my car heat to 100° as I sit in the car rider line.  (I’d like to say I delicately fan myself ala Scarlett O’Hara but in reality I’m mouth breathing as sweat soaks through my hair.)  I am particularly heat sensitive (as well as cold sensitive, ‘cuz I’m low maintenance like that) so I keep a close eye on summer weather.  Highs into the 90s or (ugh) 100 will land my butt firmly on our couch for the day, whether it pleases my kids or not.

When they get older they’re welcome to melt outside all they want.

Linda’s blog hosts a weekly Stream of Consciousness event.  This week’s prompt is “whether/weather.”

20 thoughts on “SoCS – the almighty weather app

  1. I’m with you on the ‘can’t stand too much heat’ thing! In fact I had my wedding in November, because I couldn’t have coped with being all decked up, with lots of heavy clothes, and makeup in the summer… it just slides off me.
    There is no ladylike ‘glowing’ going on here it’s full on Sweatin’ like a P-I-G!

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  2. I’m with you. I don’t glow, either. I sweat PROFUSELY. Like “Whoa! You okay?” kinda sweat!
    My kids want to go to the pools basically all the time. I, on the other hand, prefer they go to the indoor pools with other peoples’ parents! lol
    I’ll be gardening at dusk. By then it should be shady and about 80.

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  3. Yeah, I don’t handle the heat well. I hate sitting in the sun, and when it gets too hot, I actually feel a little sick. I don’t mind the cold as much since I can always put more layers on and cover up under blankets, but there’s only so much you can do when it’s hot.

    And my kids are always checking the weather on the girl’s kindle, too.

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