gratitude: pitter patter on the window pane

Not everyone’s a fan of rain.  My kids surely aren’t – there’s no faster way to ruin a perfectly good day than to have droplets start falling from the sky.

But me?  I love rain.  Not so much cold, biting rain, or those days when I had to slosh across campus through a downpour…still, there’s a lot more beauty than bitter in the raindrops.

  • We have a lot of natural light in our family room.  (Seriously. A lot.)  When rain clouds move across the sky the room dims, and suddenly it feels like a cozy cocoon.
  • The steady sound of rain against our windows creates a perfect background for napping.
  • Something about rain just makes me stop and take a breath.  There’s no rushing about – games are cancelled, plans at home get rewritten – it’s like hitting reset.
  • Misty rain is a refreshing spray against my face.
  • Harder rain triggers giggle fits as Bear and I sprint to take cover.  We almost always end up bent double, laughing at the madness of trying to duck raindrops.
  • The rain brings the green…the green brings the smiles.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.

18 thoughts on “gratitude: pitter patter on the window pane

  1. I love rain. Love, love, love it. I had my first experience with cold and rain when we first moved up here. Very different from what I’m used to in Florida. That rain might take some getting used to.

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  2. I agree, I love the sound, smell, walking in it, the whole works, I love it a little less when I’m caught outside in the middle of a chore, it’s pouring, and I’m not dressed right though. 🙂

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