Not everyone’s a fan of rain.  My kids surely aren’t – there’s no faster way to ruin a perfectly good day than to have droplets start falling from the sky.

But me?  I love rain.  Not so much cold, biting rain, or those days when I had to slosh across campus through a downpour…still, there’s a lot more beauty than bitter in the raindrops.

  • We have a lot of natural light in our family room.  (Seriously. A lot.)  When rain clouds move across the sky the room dims, and suddenly it feels like a cozy cocoon.
  • The steady sound of rain against our windows creates a perfect background for napping.
  • Something about rain just makes me stop and take a breath.  There’s no rushing about – games are cancelled, plans at home get rewritten – it’s like hitting reset.
  • Misty rain is a refreshing spray against my face.
  • Harder rain triggers giggle fits as Bear and I sprint to take cover.  We almost always end up bent double, laughing at the madness of trying to duck raindrops.
  • The rain brings the green…the green brings the smiles.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.