SoCS – sin (lite) for a third grader

I was raised extremely Catholic.  Not so much in a daily mass, weekly confession, don’t-you-want-to-become-a-nun sort of way.  More like a church on Sundays, memorize your prayers, receive the sacraments, and show up for holy days sort of extreme.   

I guess you’d call it more serious than extreme religion-ing.

At any rate, a major rite of passage for us was first communion, a sacrament we received in third grade.  If you know any Catholics then you know this one is a pretty big deal (okay, they all are), but speaking from someone who remembers what it was like to prepare for it at eight years old?  It was a big freaking deal.

Before you could receive holy communion, though, you had to receive the sacrament of reconciliation.  Most of you have probably heard of this one as confession.  As in, face the priest (who, I’ll admit, always made me nervous because they were, like, HOLY), remember the prayers, and confess your sins.

There’s nothing like waiting in line for confession to make an eight-year-old’s mind go completely blank.  My visit with the priest would be imminent.  I had to go in there and say something.  And I had nothing.  Nothing.  Suddenly I was Mother Teresa, love personified, instead of the girl who hid half her dinner under the bathroom sink and tormented her younger brother by hiding his stuffed bear.  Puh-lease.

But when push came to shove my brain would freeze.  So I’d find myself with the priest, supposedly examining my conscience, and admitting to things like I didn’t clean my room or I didn’t share my cookies.  The lamest sins ever, but still quaking in my proverbial boots because HOLY.  Looking back, I can’t begin to imagine how those priests sat through fifteen third graders admitting to sin (lite), without even cracking a smile.

Pretty impressive, when I think about it.

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is always a fun way to empty your brain onto the screen.  This week’s prompt is “admit.”

14 thoughts on “SoCS – sin (lite) for a third grader

  1. hahahaaaa… when mine happened I also had brain freeze so i lied to the priest — made up terrible things i did, stealing and this and that. I also said jesus suffered under “ponchus pollute”, and a few other things…. i heard him laughing through the screen. this was distressing. later i heard he and my mom laughing.

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    • πŸ˜‚ I can’t begin to imagine how many of the prayers I bungled over the years! The words all tumble together…and isn’t it ironic, going to confession only to lie to the priest? I’ve always thought that was a catch 22!


  2. Catholic guilt is intense! I can remember not wanting to lie in the confessional, so I would be very vague about my sermons and just specify which commandment I broke. I would say that I used the Lords name in vain, without actually saying the real things I said. Needless to say, I’m not Catholic anymore😊

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  3. I grew up Catholic, went to a Catholic school until 8th grade, had to go to church every morning before school, First Communion in 2nd grade and after that we were expected to receive communion every morning and this was WAY back in the early 1960’s so we could not eat for 12 hours before communion so we would have to bring our breakfast to school to eat! We had two grades in each classroom, taught by nuns except 5&6th grade, that class had a “lay” teacher…don’t ask me what a “lay” teacher was (maybe short for laity?) and she was just a “normal” person. I remember we were shocked to hear that our nun teachers would roller skate in our gym/auditorium and that they had other names than the ones we called them. And if a stray hair poked out of their head piece, we were all a’twitter. As far as confession went, I figured if I just said I lied, it would cover everything that I did but was too scared to confess. When I was 16, I got caught knowing my boyfriend in “the biblical manner” and I had to confess it to the priest and he wanted to know details……can you imagine how mortifying that was? I can’t remember what penance I got for that….probably had to say the rosary five times….and do any of you remember “scapulars”? They were these things you got at First Communtion that were made from brown silk ribbons and on each end there was a postage-stamp size picture of Mary on one and the other was the picture of “the Scared Heart” and if you wore those and your died, you would go straight to heaven even if you had a Mortal Sin on your soul. And if you had a baby and it died before it was baptized it would go to Limbo which was like heaven except you never got to see God and if you died and had a “venial” sin, then you went to Purgatory where you had to “work off” your sins and the living could help you by lighting candles at the church and praying for you. Amazing how I can remember all this stuff and yet forget what I just had for breakfast this morning!!!!

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    • So many memories in here! They’d moved past (or maybe stopped enforcing) the 12 hr fast before communion thing by the time I got there. Talk about messing with your blood sugar!

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