toe socks, growth spurts, and sunburn to beat the band

**   What’s up with the toe socks?  You know, the ones that look like gloves for your feet?  Bear is obsessed with these, has apparently been dying to own a pair, and doesn’t show any sign of letting up on that.  But here’s what I don’t get.  Why on earth does Bear want a pair of these so badly when all she does is b*tch about fitting her pinkies into gloves?

**  There are no words for the shock of looking out onto the basketball court and realizing your daughter’s teammate is a head and a half shorter than she is.  Damn, that’s tall.  And she was only ten.

**  Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be great if we could time these growth spurts for sales?

**  It’s been a couple of years now since T-man transitioned from boys’ to men’s shoes and I’m still not over the sticker shock.  Good grief, what are they making these shoes out of, corinthian leather?!

**  I was sidelined by necessity at Myrtle this week.  Long sleeves, parked under an umbrella, limited time at the pool and no time on the beach, but I figured we could make it work.  Right up until the last day when I left my kids to their own devices and they forgot to apply sunscreen.  At all.  The entire freaking day.  I believe they’re sincerely stunned at how much a sunburn hurts.  Shoot, maybe that’ll help them remember to put on the blessed sunscreen regardless of whether I’m chasing them around with the tube or not.

6 thoughts on “toe socks, growth spurts, and sunburn to beat the band

  1. I had toe socks, growing up in the 70s – they had multi-coloured rainbow stripes, and were the most uncomfortable socks in the world. But they looked great so I wore them anyway…:-)

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  2. I actually have two pairs of toe socks! One are the rainbow kind where every toe has a cocoon and the other is from Japan and only have a big toe cocoon. I love they way they look but HATE the way they feel. Isn’t that a fashion rule…..”Looks great, feels awful”?

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