Oh lawd, after our recent jaunt to the beach (and my kids’ shock at the fact that their skin is, indeed, susceptible to the sun’s rays) Janel’s post on the challenges of sunscreen was exactly what I needed.  She is fuuuh-ny.  Pee-your-pants funny.  Sides-hurt-the-next-day funny.  Bless.

“I’m a firm believer in picking your battles as a parent.  As such, I decided long ago that sunscreen is probably a battle I should go ahead and suit up for, because I’m not interested in listening to my kids whine about sunburns or getting skin cancer.  Also, one of my kids is a redhead, which means she bursts into flames if she’s in the sun for more than five minutes without SPF 263.

In my Top Five List of Annoying Shit I Do to Keep My Kids Safe, meticulously applying and rubbing in sunscreen is right up there.  It takes forever, they complain the entire time because you’re usually keeping them from something really fun, or they’re urging you to keep the sunscreen out of their eyes in a higher and more anxious voice the closer you actually get to their eyes (ONE FREAKING TIME WE HAD TO FLUSH YOUR EYES WHEN YOU WERE TWO YEARS OLD GIVE ME A BREAK WE’VE ALL MADE GREAT STRIDES IN THE LAST EIGHT YEARS).”

Sunscreen Is Difficult. – 649.133: Girls, the Care and Maintenance Of.