odds and ends: San Francisco

We spent four and a half days in the beautiful town of San Francisco.  Trolley cars and street cars, the Golden Gate bridge, and yes, even Rice-a-Roni – wait for it – the San Francisco treat! 

Just kidding, we didn’t have Rice-a-Roni while we were there, but I’ve got a few observations from our time in the city…

**  At the risk of stating the obvious, there are a lot of hills.

**  I saw exactly zero people on crutches.  Maybe you have to temporarily relocate if you get injured.

**  Every day is another opportunity to log 14,000 steps.

**  The worst sidewalks register upwards of a 50° incline.

**  Sidewalks at 40° aren’t much better.

**  I walked two flat city sidewalks on our visit.  Seriously.  Two.

**  I never could decide if it was less painful walking downhill or up.  Bear believed walking backwards made it easier.  I did not agree.

**  People are super friendly.  Even the locals.  Even when you have no idea how the transit system works and are blocking the bus door.

**  We saw lots of dogs walking with their owners.

**  There are no fat dogs in San Francisco.

**  The owners all look pretty healthy, too.

**  And, considering the hills, there are a bizarre number of runners there.

**  The temperature tends toward brisk.

**  Unless you’re up high or on the waterfront.  Then the temperature tends toward holy-hell-how-can-it-be-this-cold-IN-JULY?!

**  The key is layers.  A friend told me this; I told my kids.  They didn’t believe me.

**  Fog.  Always the fog.

**  In 4½ days and nights there were approximately 5 hours when we could see the top of the Golden Gate bridge.

**  It made for creative (and speedy) photography.

**  I ate the best damn chowder I’ve had since I left Boston.  It was wicked good.

**  I’m a bit nostalgic for it already.

**  I may have to see if they’ll deliver by mail.

**  Every day we’d leave our house to seek adventure.  Every day we’d return having seen something new.

**  Every day I’d stare at that last hill thinking, “I’ll never make it.”  But eventually I’d reach the house address and sigh with relief.

**  Then I’d stare up at the five flights of steps standing between me and the front door.  Five flights.  I’d contemplate how comfortable the sidewalk would be.  I’d wonder if anyone could drag my weary butt up the stairs.  I’d seriously consider crawling up on my hands and knees.

**  Then I’d dig down deep and pound it out.  Not today, San Francisco.  You are not kicking my ass today.

16 thoughts on “odds and ends: San Francisco

  1. I grew up in Duluth, MN where we have hills like San Francisco only with SNOW AND ICE. You have never had an experience quite like driving up a hill during a snowstorm only to make it half way and then start to slide backwards down the hill while other cars are still climbing up the hill and the drivers coming down the hill have no control as to where their cars are headed. And you are trying not to hit anyone, praying, swearing, begging, swearing, sweating, panicking, swearing, praying….oh yeah….good times.

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  2. Grest post. Nice summary, and if made me smile. Your posts usually do. I love visiting San Francisco and I love eating chowder with a hunk of sourdough bread. Walking down is worse, I think at any age but certainly at my age.

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  3. On a company outing there several years ago, we did that walking backwards thing – desperation will make you believe anything. Don’t know which was worse, walking the hills or taking them in a taxi.

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  4. I love about five things in San Francisco and I think it’s a great place to visit. Would I want to live there? NO. Would I even consider a five flight walk up to the door? NO. lol
    I took almost twelve thousand steps today, and I recall with great seriousness, that the stairs I did take were brutal part. (Two flights near the end.)
    Chowder sounds fantastic right now!

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