Unless you’ve been living on a desert island (mmmm…desert island) for the last nine months – or are among the over-70-no-grandkids crowd – you know what these whirring, spinning, fidgety toys are.  [If you’ve been one of the lucky few to avoid the craze, here you go.  Check out what all the fuss is about.]  Gadgets created for fidgety fingers, kids are taking these things to new heights every day.

Timing how long they spin.  Spinning two gadgets simultaneously.  Balancing spinners on your nose, your chin, your big toe…kids keep finding bigger (and weirder) things to do with these toys.  Plus posting videos of fidget spinner hijinks – where else – on Instagram is practically an Olympic sport.

I hear tell they’ve even added bluetooth speakers to the fidget spinner (and, not for nothing, that those models occasionally explode) so I figure the market is ripe for invention.  Or copy cats.  Take your pick.


  • Disco ball fidget spinners.  Pull out those bell bottoms and disco moves everybody.  It’s time to boogie oogie oogie ’til we just can’t boogie no more.
  • Battery operated fidget spinner fans.  As they say: location, location, location.  Double the price in the south.  Ten times the price in line at Disney World.  Add a Mickey face in the middle and you’ve hit the jackpot.
  • Floatation fidget spinners.  Everyone’s trying to cool off these days, but try separating a kid from their fidget spinner and they act like you’re amputating their arm.  Make those puppies spin on water and it’s a whole new ball game.
  • Nightlight fidget spinners.  Because who doesn’t want to balance a strobing light on their hand as they battle a fear of the dark?  Well, I don’t.  But kids would.  And guess who’s the target audience for this 74 cent piece of plastic?
  • Fetch fidget spinners.  Why leave man’s best friend out of the fun?  Up the anti-chew factor and these babies can hit the pet market.  Start the spin, let it fly, then watch Fido spin along after it.

And, for the ultimate in spinner decadence…

  • Collectible figures air freshener fidget spinners.  Sports heros, superheros, political heros (yeah, I know).  Scents like Orange Crush, Axe, and Ultimate Pizza.  Market to girls, market to boys, market to grandparents who don’t know what else to get those crazy kids these days…the possibilities are endless.

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