gratitude: 5 things

Falling under the not really necessary but definitely things that are wonderfully convenient to have and I wouldn’t really want to live without,  Well, except for that last one.  That last one’s just plain old decadent.

Flushable wipes.

I see your cushy, comfy, kind-to-the-tushy Charmin and raise you a soft, cleansing, Cottonelle wipe to finish things up.  TMI?  Oops.


I won’t even harken back to the we-shall-not-speak-of-them dial up days.  How about those USB cords and cables?  I don’t miss the days of having to be physically connected to a router…the magic of wi-fi lets me get to the web from anywhere in my home.  And the coffee shop.  And most hotels and restaurants.  ‘merica.

Sole conforming shoes.

Oh, sweet heaven up above, sole conforming shoes.  It doesn’t matter how comfortable a shoe claims to be, it will never be as awesome as a shoe that shapes to my freaking foot.

Sweat wicking materials.

I live in an area I like to affectionately call Satan’s Sweaty Armpit.  We suffer in gross, sticky, humid conditions May through early October so basically everything I wear is soaked by 2:00pm.  (Of course, given my particular age, everything I wear is soaked by 2:00pm year round but bygones.)  The miracle that is sweat wicking material has been life changing.  Life Changing, I tell you.

Heated tile bathroom floors.

Some of you are all yeah, sure, this is a thing but for the rest of us normal people – THIS IS AN ACTUAL THING.  Shocked the bejeebers out of me on vacation once because I was all come on, this is just silly, who even uses a heated floor?  But then I stepped onto it after a shower and was all HOLY WARM TOOTSIES, BATMAN and promptly curled up on it for a nap.  Purrrrr…

11 thoughts on “gratitude: 5 things

  1. I love the “idea” of the wipes butt they are not big enough for an adult tush….I need full-size paper towel for my Khardashian-like butt and at least 2-ply. Let’s get real here folks.
    And I have an in-floor heated room that when it worked was so nice but it has not been functional in at least three years and I live in “Hell has frozen over” northern MN so you can imagine how cold this dang floor can get without any heat. Hubs is rarely home so it doesn’t bother him. Funny how if something doesn’t affect the hubs, it isn’t a big priority, eh?
    We live out in the boonies so our wi-fi is why?-iffy and it makes my blood pressure sky-rocket when it isn’t working right. (I also am convinced we live on some kind of electro-magnetic field or iron ore deposit because ALL of our electrical devices go wonky at one time or another…even battery-operated things….I should probably be wearing an aluminum foil hat while at home…)

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    • I didn’t get hooked on wipes until the kids came along, I was transitioning them to “you can wipe your own butt,” and they’d use HALF A ROLL of tp if they pooped. I guess it was better than the alternative…but wipes came into the house anyway.
      omg, iffy wi-fi makes me INSANE. We lived with it at the lake for a couple of years (but that was satellite based which is, apparently, the wi-fi from hell so no need for tin foil hats) then finally changed our cell plan for data and began using hot spots. There’s only so much a girl can take, amiright?

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  2. I agree to all of the above, BUT NOT HEATED FLOORS, only cause I hate hot things and it’d be my like that mine would overheat and I would be a Joey raisin. I bought what was touted as a ‘comfortable wick-away bra’ and though it is not comfortable, that is a lie, I did enjoy dryness all day long!

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    • Lawd, let’s avoid the Joey raisin thing at all costs, that sounds hideous. I might have a stronger argument for our house if we weren’t at 65+ degrees eight months out of the year… πŸ™„

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