a few (more) of my favorite things

Pringles, soft blankets, spellbinding paperbacks, and coffee.

Oh, plus these.

“Parenthood.”  Have you guys seen this show?  I’m sure you have because BrightSide and I tend to be roughly 3.8 years behind the curve when it comes to network television.  (Case in point: we still haven’t seen “This Is Us.”  Yeah, I know, don’t yell at me.)  We loved every single episode of “Parenthood.”  It was so on the money – Asperger’s, adoption, divorce, the N word.  They handled real life issues with a graceful yet expert touch that never came off as heavy handed.  Impressive writers; even more impressive show.

Ben & Jerry’s.  I’m drawing a blank on whether I’ve included this on one of my “favorites” lists (how could I not have by now?) but c’est la vie, here it is again.  Forget the smooth, creamy delightfulness as it melts on your tongue.  Let’s talk about flavors.  The selection alone is a decidophobic’s worst nightmare.  I can’t even get an accurate tally of flavor options – some sources say more than forty, others put it at more than sixty – I imagine it has something to do with whether one counts special edition flavors.  Regardless…Cocoa Loco, Truffle Kerfuffle, Bourbon Brown Butter, Empower Mint…Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Chocolate Therapy, Half Baked, The Tonight Dough…endless choices, endless opportunities for sugar induced bliss.

Proper cookies.  Preferably homemade, definitely chocolate chip, chewy with gooey milk chocolate.

Potato chips.  There’s no denying original Pringles (call me a purist) are salty heaven in a can, but there are surprising elements of craving involved in potato chip love.  Certain days demand BBQ Lay’s, others call for Sour Cream and Onion.  All around, though, I’d have to say there’s rarely a day the potato chip can’t improve.

Diet Dr. Pepper.  Yes, I know.  Diet soda is the devil.  I’m working hard to drink more water, and I’m doing better at home…but an unfortunate side effect of BrightSide moving me out into country life with our über deep well has been that all restaurant water tastes like chemicals.  Ugh.  So my first question is why can’t restaurant water taste decent.  My second is why on earth don’t more restaurants carry diet Dr. Pepper.

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17 thoughts on “a few (more) of my favorite things

  1. About those chips…I can relate, but original Lay’s always work the best for me. Drink more water….those diet sodas are getting in a lot of trouble, bad press lately. I remember going to the country to get water direct from a spring…not many taste as good as that, at least in my memory.

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  2. Cherry Dr. Pepper is da bomb! I can just feel the sugar eating away my teeth but oh, the taste……
    I, too, am a well-water gal and yesterday I was in the “city” (small town by my shop) and I had a glass of water and I could smell and taste the chlorine….ugh. From now on it will be beer no matter what time of day it is!!!!
    Loved Parenthood but I could have slapped each and every character more than once for their whining or stupid choices or rebellion. You will love This Is Us. And if you want a great sitcom to watch, check out Life In Pieces…my favorite by far. James Brolin, Diane Wiest, Colin Hanks are the stars but each character of this extended family is so funny. I cannot say enough good things about it!


    • Yay! I’m always looking for a good tv recommendation (so much of it is crap these days). I’ll look for Life In Pieces.
      My latest attempt to tackle city water is carrying around one of those little squirt bottles of water flavoring in my purse. I figure maybe I can cover up the chlorine taste? Got derailed by travel — no liquids allowed in purses — but I’ll get back on board again.

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  3. I visited friends last night, for the first time since April, and I commented on the slenderer, more energetic appearance of one, who told me she had given up diet soda in May. She looked fantastic and I’ll have you know, my water tastes better since I saw how great she looks.
    I love Ben & Jerry’s, too, but I love all the ice cream ever.
    I’m not a chip person, which is probably good, because all the ice cream ever! 😛
    Also, the first episode of This Is Us is so incredible, I’ve watched it three times with other people. You’ll bout die of all the feelings, but in a beautiful, beautiful way 🙂

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    • You know, I really don’t drink much but I suppose I could cut it out altogether. Boy, do I remember the withdrawal when I gave it up while we were trying to get pregnant, but I didn’t drink coffee so that might have been giving up my caffeine source. 😉

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    • Oh my word, I have *so* poisoned my kids on Mountain Dew. They rarely drank soda (still do, actually) and Mountain Dew was banned from our house ’cause of the über caffeine content and whatever crazy ingredients are in it. They finally tried it and liked it, until they heard a news story about what’s in it & then they gave it up themselves. (Probably don’t want to think about what’s in all the sodas!!)

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  5. Great read…I have the Parenthood box set, but yet to see it. I think that’s due to being a new(ish) parent 😂 and trying to find the time. Looking forward to finally watching it. And This Is Us, totally not seen that yet either (on my radar too).

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