kids, technology, and a contract to save your sanity

Yes, we’re midway through summer, but I still think this is a worthwhile read for those of us dealing with kids and technology.

“I felt a wave of sadness.

Because I know that without constant monitoring, unplugging and resisting my kids’ desire for more technology, this could be us. And I’m guessing balance is probably a struggle for most families, too. I know some have simply stopped struggling against it and just given in. I get it.

We are in an unprecedented era of technology that none of us have ever experienced. And we really don’t know the effect it will have on our children.”

Hey Internet- Let’s Have an Honest Talk About Screens This Summer – Kristen Welch

2 thoughts on “kids, technology, and a contract to save your sanity

  1. Interesting read. Also, what intrigued me is there’s a device called Circle to monitor your children’s devices, but I just read a book called The Circle, which is a kind of 21st century 1984, but with technology, where social media controls/monitors our lives. You might find it interesting.

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    • Ooh, that DOES sound like a good read. I’m using a combination of Kidslox (to control screen time and schedules) and uKnowKids (which has been a big disaster because it keeps triggering Apple to think we’ve been hacked). It’s a work in progress…


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