SoCS – the pain and angst of guessing games

I don’t like guessing games.  Never have, never will.

I don’t want to spend time hemming and hawing over what might be in the box when someone gives me a present.  I’m convinced I’ll guess wrong and make them feel badly, or maybe I’ll guess right and ruin the surprise.  Either way, I’d rather just graciously accept the gift, thank you very much.

I come off as a big old fuddy duddy but I hate most guessing games that children insist you do, too.  What’s behind my back?  When’s my birthday?  What’s my middle name?  Nothing I want to spent time thinking about.  Also, per the kid thing, those jars in classrooms where you’re supposed to guess the number of items in the jar – UGH.  I actually had to teach this skill one year and it almost killed me: Now kids, here’s how you use estimation to determine a logical guess for how many jelly beans are in the – when what you really want to do is shout out THREE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN and be done with it.

Guess the sex of the baby.  Guess what’s for lunch.  Guess your best friend’s dream job.  Guess when the baby will be born.

Nope, nope, nope nope nope.

Call me a fuddy duddy if you will.

Linda’s SoCS prompt this week is (no surprise here) “guess.”  You should click over and check out who else participated.

10 thoughts on “SoCS – the pain and angst of guessing games

  1. Oh my….just wait until you have grandchildren. If I had a dollar for each, “Hey, Gramma, Guess What?”, I would be Oprah rich (but in actuality, I AM richer than Oprah cause I have four grandchildren!)
    We always play the guessing game when it comes to opening presents. I think my 36 yr. old son-in-law loves it the most….I try very hard to disguise what it is by adding heavy stuff or odd-shaped things to it and I am really good at stumping him. And I like riddles….and puns….and knock-knock jokes made up by 3 yr. olds!

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    • You are the best sport ever! I know a family that does a big thing with guessing gifts at Christmas, plus they make them as impossible to open as they can.


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