Gracie’s been busy as ever.  Playing with BrightSide, going for walks with the kids, romping with the other dogs at doggy daycare while we’re out of town…and managing to wreak her own special brand of havoc when the chance arises.

Here’s what our girl’s been up to since her last update:

**  A bowl of turkey chunks.  Sadly (for her), Gracie didn’t have enough time to eat them all.  As a compromise, she contented herself with devouring a few pieces while licking everything in the bowl.

**  Tissues.  Tissues, tissues, always with the tissues.  Kleenex ought to be paying us dividends at this point.

**  Bear’s Sunday School craft.  You know those crafts kids present proudly when you pick them up from the classroom?  The ones they worked diligently on after learning the day’s bible story?  Yep.  That was the craft Bear left sitting on the entryway table and sure enough, that was the craft Gracie carried behind a chair for gnawing.

**  Pretzels.  I’ve never been a huge fan of snack pretzels.  I don’t have anything against them, they just don’t have the draw potato chips have for me.  (Now, give me a huge soft pretzel and we’re talking a whole different story.)  But I guess Gracie must have a thing for them because she managed to steal them three times in two days.

**  Chinese takeout.  Boy, you can’t even leave an empty Chinese rice carton sitting on the counter around here…I guess I should be grateful Gracie didn’t eat the handle.

**  Wrappers.  Of every shape, sort, and scent.  The combination of crinkly noise and delicious smells must be like catnip for this dog.

**  Frosted Flakes.  The loud crinkling sound drew me to the kitchen where I found Gracie.  Well, her body, anyway – her head was buried entirely inside the sugar coated bag.

**  Magician’s Tablecloth Trick.  Except instead of a tablecloth, it was a napkin sitting beneath a large cup of water.  And instead of yanking out the napkin without shifting a thing, Gracie dumped the cup and its contents all over the rug.

**  TP roll.  The neighbors’ kids aren’t as well trained about closing doors behind themselves, so Gracie’s nipped a few things here and there.  Last week she jauntily trotted out of the back hall with an empty toilet paper roll gently held in her mouth.  Mmmm…tail wagging good.