Woo hoo!  We’ve come to the end of Labor Day weekend and once again, Riddle from the Middle wants to help you pass the time when you’re not, you know, laboring.

Carry on.

Name Combiner

Unhappy with the couple name you’ve come up with?  Doesn’t have the pop of Brangelina or Kimye?  This site helps you combine up to four names so you can be the hippest kid on the block.  So far me and my hubby can roll out with daura, laurug, or dora (not the explorer).  I’m still working on the hip factor.

What happened in my birth year?

The site’s title is self-explanatory.  Curious?  Check it out.  “In 1971, the world was a different place.  There was no Google yet.  Or Yahoo…”

Turn Your Name Into A Face

Ain’t nothing but a way to kill thirty seconds.  Type in your name, your friend’s, your dentist’s, whoever, and see what digital face pops up.

I Need A Prompt

Random prompts for artists.

Difference Between

A website where you can learn about the difference between things like the World Wide Web and Internet, Phrase and Idiom, and Apple Watch 1 and 2.


Looking to blast through the past?  There’s no way to describe the medley of topics on this page.  I’ve spotted Victorian hairstyles, photo proof of 1920s coolness, and professions disrupted by technology just upon first perusal.

Shut Up And Take My Money

A collection of bizarre things you definitely don’t need but for reasons beyond understanding they’ll suck you in anyway.  A Chewbacca seat belt cover, bag of unicorn farts cotton candy, and poop emoji cookie cutters…and that’s just the beginning.


Okay, this one is so cool  if you’re into design and colors and space and such.  You get to design your own nebula in space – you can even use it as a desktop image or print it out.  As Bear would say, awesome sauce!