me:  So what’s your favorite subject so far? 

T-man:  Math.  That is definitely math.

me:  What’s the most important school supply you have?

T-man:  (laughs)  That little fold up binder thing that I have that you bought me.  (a Trapper Keeper)

me:  And…if you could sub for a teacher for one day, who would it be and why?

T-man:  The Spanish teacher because I do not care for her at all so I would get rid of her in any way possible.


[Well then, it looks like we’re off to a good start.]


me:  Okay!  Moving on.  What’s the funniest thing that happened to you in the last week?

T-man:  Um.  Probably telling that joke to kids.  The joke that I had yesterday.

me:  Okay – do you want to remind me of the joke so I can put it on the blog?

T-man:  Alright.  What do you call three bunnies hopping backwards?  You call them a receding hairline.

me:  Still funny!  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone eat at lunchtime?

T-man:  Peanut butter on pizza.

me:  Really??

T-man:  Yes!

me:  Okay, that’s weird.

T-man:  Yeah, it is weird!

me:  What’s it like having Bear at the middle school?

T-man:  It doesn’t really seem very different.  The only time I’ve seen her is at dismissal.

me:  You don’t see her during the day?

T-man:  Nope, not once yet.

me:  How does being in seventh grade feel different to you?

T-man:  Not much different because we have the same schedule…it’s just the teachers.  All the things we did in sixth grade, since I was advanced we did seventh grade stuff so we’re basically going right back through sixth grade.

me:  So you’re in the review part right now?

T-man:  Yeah.  So far.

me:  Well, good.  Let’s hope you move out of that soon.  What’s the last dream you remember having?  I forget my dreams really easy so this might be hard.

T-man:  I don’t remember.

me:  Do you dream?

T-man:  Yes, I do dream.

me:  Do you forget them the next day?

T-man:  I forget them after ten minutes the next day.  I can’t do this one.  Sorry.

me:  That’s okay.  What’s a book or book series you’d recommend for other kids your age?

T-man:  The Tides of War series.

me:  Why do you think they’d like it?

T-man:  Well, this generation is kind of, like, Call of Duty video games and it’s kind of a Call of Duty kind of thing.  It’s a war, so you have guys out there, you have a commander, and it’s kind of intense.

me:  Okay.  What music gets the most play time with you?

T-man:  Rap music.

me:  Do you have any favorite artists?

T-man:  Uh, probably Lil Uzi Vert.

me:  Okay…Lil Oozy Vurt?  I can probably google that.  [And I did.  The spelling above is correct.]  


me:  All right, flip the interview, you get one question.

T-man:  Um…how do you feel about me getting Xbox Live?  (laughs)

me:  Uh, honestly?  I’m torn.

T-man:  How are you torn?

me:  I’m torn because I understand wanting something – we all have things that we want – but I’m not sure I understand…

T-man:  Why.

me:  No, no, no, because that’s not important.  You don’t understand why I want the things I want, that’s not it.  I wonder what you’re gonna get out of it.  Sometimes things that we do are purely relaxing and not meant to…there’s no “purpose.”  That can be video games.  I don’t really buy into the whole it-improves-your-eye-hand-coordination concept.  I really think it’s just kind of a way to enjoy your down time.

T-man:  That’s fair.

me:  I worry that Xbox Live will kind of suck you in, and you’ll find yourself playing more video games.  Also, it sucks the bandwidth out of the house.  Sluuuurrrp, gone!

T-man:  Yeah, I know, right?  Speaking of, I’m going to go play Xbox Live.

me:  Okay.  Thank you!