It’s pretty cool seeing your kids grow into their individuality.  I’ve always been a big proponent of Be Who You Are, so I find it ironic that sometimes I’m still taken aback by differences in our kids.  Like I temporarily forgot the whole “kids are individuals” concept.

T-man and Bear show this most markedly right now in their involvement with school events.  T-man has shown zero interest in school sports, clubs, or extracurricular activities like games or dances.  Sometimes I wonder if he dislikes school so much that the thought of spending additional time there voluntarily borders on inconceivable.

Bear, on the other hand, dove right in.  She tried out for the softball team, jumped through hoops to go to the first school dance, and has already stayed after to watch a football scrimmage with her friends.  She’s already talking about playing for the basketball team.  To say Bear’s getting involved at middle school may be the understatement of the week.

And all that’s okay.  I don’t think a kid has to be all Rah Rah school spirit to be doing alright.  BrightSide and I do agree, though, that the world has to be bigger than school, chores, and hanging out with friends every afternoon.

After a (lengthy) look at options and healthy reassurance that no, we don’t think extracurricular activity has to mean school, T-man’s interested in acoustic guitar lessons.  I’m excited about this – I’ve been involved with music in one form or another since middle school and it’s been a wonderful creative outlet for me.  Maybe T-man will find the same sort of connection.

Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt is a weekly event.  This week’s prompt is “vol” – I chose involve for my post.