It was movie night at the house and we were introducing T-man to Hitch, one of my favorite rom-coms ever.  Will Smith is da bomb, y’all.  Just sayin’. 

So we came to a kissing scene and I could actually see T-man shrinking into his chair.  Through sheer force of will he managed to decrease his body mass by .8% and would have, were it possible, sunk straight through the floor.

I shouldn’t find this funny, right?


BS:  Just wait.  Someday this stuff won’t be icky to you anymore.

me:  You know, I don’t think he thinks it’s icky.  It’s just…awkward.

[we watch a little more movie]

T-man:  Yeah, you’re right, mom.  It is awkward.

me:  No kidding.  As an adult I watched a movie with my parents that had a sex scene in it and I’m still scarred.

BS:  omg, YES.  Kathy Bates.  Naked.  I never got over that one.


Lessons learned:

1.  No matter how open the relationship, no matter how much “anything goes,” sex in any form on the screen is awkward.  Best not to make eye contact or running commentary.

2.  No smoochy smoochy sounds under any circumstances.

3.  Perhaps it might be safer to avoid the rom-com category for now.

4.  Courtesy of Jerry Maguirepreview preview preview lest you find yourselves caught with a full on sex scene rolling and two horrified kids covering their eyes.