Painful, poignent, and a brutal truth.  Please read this story today and think…what would I do if this were my child? 

“My son was berated as an “N-word” at camp this week.  Some of the kids have been asking him if he is Mexican and if he is here “legally.”  Carl is much darker than I am so sometimes kids ask “how he came out like that.”  This kind of ignorance permeates our society today.  I have no problem gently educating people that our nation is made up of all kind of different people.  Some children are born into families and some are adopted.  Not all Mexicans are “illegals” and not all Hispanics are Mexican.  Yada yada yada.  At this point I realize my lip service is doing nothing whatsoever.”

Ice Cream and The N Word | Herding Chickens and Other Adventures in Foster and Adoptive Care