Hot off the presses!  We got big and little news in equal doses. 

Middle school is off to a good start this year.  T-man likes his teachers (yay!), Bear feels good about her classes, and they don’t seem to be ready to kill each other in the pickup line.  All those thoughts about how T-man would react to Bear encroaching on his territory turned out to be nothing more than a waste of time.

Well, as of September 22, anyway.

So it turns out you have to pay to go to middle and high school sporting events.  Whaaaat?  (Yeah, I know a bunch of you are wondering what planet I’ve been living on.  I have no answer for that.)  Which means our family is now a proud member of the Booster Club (Rah!) with all the rights and privileges accorded.  Except concessions are extra.  Boo.

I’d thought we’d snuck slowly into fall but here we are, smack dang dab back in 85 to 90 degree days and the car rider line is HOT.  Sweat beading on your forehead, pooling in your lower back…suddenly that luxury car you love so much is a traveling sauna and let’s just say the pits are r-i-p-e.

And that is way more information than you needed.

There’s a very finite amount of pleasant weather here – when we shift out of hot but before we reach cold weather that keeps me bundled up indoors.  I’m looking forward to enjoying those 8 days in October.

Latest food tallies for the kids:  Bear still adores the delicious turkey burgers; T-man has gone all iffy on me.  T-man loves toast with his eggs; Bear, who adores every sort of bread on the planet, won’t touch toast with a ten foot pole.

And I still hate coffee cold.

Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt is weekly Saturday fun.  This week’s prompt is “hot/cold.”