So it seems Gracie’s famous, and why shouldn’t she be?  Furry, cuddly, adorable, with energy to spare and big brown eyes that melt even the hardest heart.  She’s famous for much more than her looks though.  Gracie’s ability to devour everything from household items to massive amounts of food is a big part of her notoriety.

Well, that and the fact that we haven’t tossed her out the front door yet.

Without further ado, here are Gracie’s food hijinks since her last update:

**  Pretzel rods.  Along with half the ziploc bag they were in.  I’m not sure which upset me more – the fact that the dog ate Bear’s snack or that I had to vacuum up all the salt she left behind.

**  T-man’s gaming headset.  This is one of the few times I was genuinely concerned one of the kids might kill this dog.  He’d just bought the thing (’cause it’s not like I’m gonna buy him gaming equipment) and Gracie didn’t just nibble it, she devoured the input jack.  I won’t lie, things got pretty bad around here for a few days.

**  Crumpled notebook paper.  To everyone else in the universe, crumpled up paper signals uselessness.  Discards.  Trash.  To Gracie it’s like a green light screaming Dig In!

**  God only knows what she snorted off the bathroom floor that’s still under construction.  This could have been anything from sawdust to insulation bits…she didn’t puke them back up so at least it was digestible.

**  A full sandwich bag of Ritz crackers.  Because, buttery goodness.

**  Bountiful plate licking.  Plates up high, plates down low.  Gracie does a sweep before bed for good measure.  No crumb left behind, no plate left unlicked.

**  The mystery contents of a ziploc baggie.  When all you find are soggy remnants of plastic, well…the best you can do is guess.

**  Toilet water.  Because, toilet water.

**  Half a box of Kleenex.  About twice as expensive as toilet paper with roughly the same fiber content.  Why can’t we have a thrifty hound?

**  An entire slice of pepperoni pizza.  Gracie shamelessly preys on unsuspecting guests in our home.  The latest victim was our fourth grade neighbor who, because he doesn’t live under constant siege, innocently placed his dinner on the game room floor.  I’ve never seen a plate so clean.

**  Pizza box cardboard.  You might think only the pizza tastes delightful, but you’d be wrong.  Licking the open flap of an empty box is just as salty and satisfying.