We were hopping around Yellowstone this summer witnessing an extraordinarily varied display of nature when I noticed that one phenomenon in particular resonated with me.  What the park experts called “thermal features.”  (You can check out the experts here.)

Geysers:  Hot springs that erupt periodically.  Some are predictable enough that the park can give a rough estimate of how often they’ll erupt: every 35-55 min. (Baby Daisy), 6 hours 35 min. (Riverside), and 94 or 68 minutes (Old Faithful).  Others are “irregular” (or, as I prefer to call them, erratic).  But whatever…these features shoot super hot water into the air.

Hot springs:  Similar to geysers, but their ridiculously hot water releases energy by evaporation or runoff instead of eruptions.

Steam vents:  These are, well, exactly what they sound like.  Pressurized steam below ground escapes through cracks in the surface, often accompanied by an ominous hissing sound.

You might be asking by now what, pray tell, does any of this geography have to do with my post today…well, as we were bopping from geyser to geyser (T-man was fascinated), I couldn’t help but think, “Hey!  THIS looks awfully familiar.”  It seemed an awful lot like me.  (ahem)

Not so much the erupt-on-a-predictable-schedule kind, which is probably unfortunate for those who live in my sphere.  Definitely the ridiculously hot temperatures, and hissing isn’t out of the question under certain conditions.

However.  I’ve found the venting aspect to be critical to my mental health.  Sometimes you just need to spill, you know?  So I’m grateful for the folks who so graciously allow me to vent on occasion.