SoCS – world shifts in hydration

I grew up a city girl, born and bred, a situation I was certain would never change.  Not necessarily the city part – I wasn’t wed to living near high-rise buildings – but deep down I knew where my loyalties lie.  I loved movie theaters, sports, school clubs, plays, and being able to pick up a cheeseburger without driving thirty minutes.

I felt pretty confident about where life would lead me.

Then, of course, I met BrightSide and things went all willy nilly.  Not so much the first two years of our marriage; we spent those living in St. Louis, the city-est city we’ve lived in, but from that point forward we’ve grown increasingly rural-ly.  First was the move to a smaller town (though, frankly, anything would have been “smaller” compared to St. Louis) but then came the real whammy.

THEN we moved to the country.  The real country.  The one where people have wells and septic tanks.  The one where the seasonal smell of manure wafting in from the nearest pasture is par for the course.

The. Country. Y’all.

I was prepared to roll with a lot of this, but I’ll be honest…the part that wigged me out the most was the idea of well water.  I’d had several bad experiences with wells – water that smelled and tasted funny – so I wasn’t too psyched about having it in my house.  I wasn’t exactly a huge fan of water to begin with; I didn’t need any more reasons to avoid drinking it.

Then we moved in and my entire world shifted.  Don’t ask me for numbers, I’m not a numbers girl, but apparently we’ve got a pretty deep well and that makes all the difference.  Our water tastes good.  Actually good.  So now I’m a fan of (good, deep) wells.

On the flip side, I’m forever ruined for city water.  Ruined.  It tastes like chemicals.  The only way I can choke it down is to carry Crystal Light flavoring in my purse – a couple of squirts and I’m good to go – but what kind of world is that?  City girl turned country water mouse.  That kind.

Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt brings fun to our Saturday mornings.  This week’s prompt is “well.”

8 thoughts on “SoCS – world shifts in hydration

  1. I too am a city girl turned country mouse. Without the well water though. When we were looking for land, the question was always does it have water and electricity. Fortunately, we were able to get the San Antonio Water System. The Edwards Aquifer supplies us and tastes pretty good. Though your well water sounds lovely especially since it ruins the taste for city stuff.

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    • Maybe it’s just our local towns that have icky city water taste. I don’t remember it always being this bad…then again, I grew up on it, so I was always used to that chemical additive undertone.

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    • We have some friends who finally put one of those water bottles (like an office has) in their home and now even *they* hate city water. I’m not sure where that magical water is bottled from, but she swears by it like I swear by our well. 😉

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  2. I like our water, probably because it’s the water I’ve consumed most of my life. I didn’t like the water in Georgia, where I installed filters and drank a lot of bottled water.
    We have a lot of lime in our water. Moo, having lived in Georgia for most of her life, did not adapt well to Indy water, saying it tasted like chemicals. To me, it tastes like minerals. She’s finally come around, took well over a year.
    I don’t mind the taste of well water at all, I like it, but I do know it’ll turn my hair orange over time :/ That’s happened at two houses where we had a well. But again, that may just be here.

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