gratitude: put that stress in timeout

Recently the topic of stress relief came up in conversation – how different people handle stress, how to do it in a healthy way, that sort of thing.  To say it was a bit on the nose for me is putting it mildly.

At any rate, one point in particular stuck with me: that it’s so important to find something you’re passionate about, because those were the things mentioned over and over as stress relief.  When life seems overwhelming or scary or uncertain, submersing yourself in your passion eases the mind.  Muscles relax and endorphins swim around your brain.  It’s like giving your freak-out permission to take a timeout.

Your passion can be anything, and a lot of us are blessed to have more than one.  Music, writing, photography, reading, art…these are all things I’m passionate about, things I reach for when I need to detox from the world.  Here’s hoping you’ve found your own endorphin boosters.

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