“Which way to the fair?” asked the wicked witch, standing astride her broom, peering east then west with great interest.  “I hear they have fried key lime bites and a flaming Cheetos corn on the cob I can try.  The NC Fair had Wicked Wafflewich sandwiches, which sounds like it’d be right up my alley, but I wasn’t a huge fan.”

The kids stood staring wide eyed at the witch, wondering how to tell her the fair had packed up and left town without being turned into frogs on the spot.

“Corn dogs are overdone, I think, but my cat loves them so I always bring her some back.  I forgot at the last stop so it looks like I’ll need to do it around here.  Plus who doesn’t love deep fried mac ‘n cheese, right?  Personally, I loved the python kabobs and chocolate covered scorpions last year…I know, I know, snakes and scorpions, a little cliché for a witch, but they really were delicious.”

The kids started shifting from one foot to another, wondering if they could make it to their door before that witch could swoop them onto her broom.  Or, worse, turn them into python kabobs where they stood.

“Well, I have to say the three of you are looking a bit green around the gills.  Too much talk about food?  Or did you eat too much at the fair?  Mr. Jones – that’s my cat – puked up all her corn dogs once and she turned just your shade of green right before.  These are brand new pointy shoes, now, so maybe you ought to take a step back.  Which way did you say I could head for the fair?”

Three shaky hands lifted in unison, pointing toward the full moon rising in the distance.

“I’ll be off then.  Happy Halloween!”  The witch started to kick off the ground then turned back with a sly smile.  “Oh, and one more thing.  You might want to stick to trick or treating in the daylight hours this year.  You never know when a hungry witch might decide to drop back by for a bite.”

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness prompt for Saturdays is a chance for bloggers to have some spill it all fun.  This week’s prompt is “which/witch/wich.”  Check out Linda’s blog for more info.