I’d planned to write about the beauty found in both light and darkness.  These two opposites mix into a thousand shades of gray, yet each stands just as strong on their own.  But the more I try to settle my head, the more I find myself leaning into the concept of how we handle light and its absence.  There’s a post in there, I’m sure, but I’m trying to rein myself back in here.

As a child (and, frankly, a young adult as well), it seemed the perfect world would be made of light.  Joy.  Peace.  Love.  Cooperation and generosity blending to make space for everyone.  Just…Goodness.  It seemed like Goodness was what we should strive for.

I understand now without darkness there can be no light.  They dance around each other in ways far too mysterious for me to understand, and that we are all the luckier for it.