Yeah, I know that sounds harsh, but a kid can only take losing their food to a greedy dog for so long before snapping.  I understand the sentiment.

I also said they were SOL.  For better or worse, Gracie’s here to stay.


Gracie Update (aka Lord, deliver us from the torment that is this bottomless pit of a dog)

**  Egg shells.  I wonder if these taste better to her because they’re hard boiled.

**  Ziploc bag.  Thankfully she didn’t chew through the individually wrapped antibacterial wipes inside.

**  Package of Command 3M wall sticks.  This one didn’t stay down.

**  A couple of envelopes.  (Yes, I know it’s my fault for leaving mail on the coffee table, but envelopes?  Come on!)

**  “The Lawn” property card from our UVAopoly game, gently nibbled.  This is practically sacrilegious in a Wahoo household.

**  The neighbor’s Wii controller cover.  I guess we should be grateful it wasn’t the controller itself.

**  T-man’s “FAVORITE!!!” Xbox game.  That discovery was a little touch and go.  I wasn’t sure Gracie was gonna come out in the still lovable column.

**  Bear’s deliciously smelly, sweaty sock.  Sadly, this one didn’t just end up soggy; it ended up with an enormous hole in the toe.  Done and done.

**  Three Reese’s peanut butter cup wrappers.

**  The neighbor’s gaming headset.  (It’s a miracle anyone still leaves their stuff here.)

**  Pieces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch as they tumble from T-man’s bowl to the kitchen floor.

**  A snoutful of sloppy joe.  The container was left on the counter (oops), the lid wasn’t secure (double oops), so it was fair game when Gracie slapped her big ol’ paws up there and shoved her face inside.  In a particularly ironic payback, that snuffle of yummy meat brought with it a dose of apple cider vinegar so Gracie couldn’t stop licking her nose and snorting the rest of the night.

**  Our Thanksgiving rolls for today.  All twenty-four of them.  Plus some of the packaging.