So things have been all a tither around here (that’s a phrase, right?) what with the start of basketball season, school stuff, family birthdays, and getting ready for the holidays.  Lots of things happening…including the fact that I’ll be gone this week.

That’s a crazy sentence to be writing as we’re heading into December.  Who on earth goes anywhere at the start of the holiday season?!  Even crazier is the fact that in three years I’ve never just put the blog on hiatus but, you know, turkey day and such.

At any rate, our handy dandy WordPress will send out some posts I’d like to share while I’m gone.  Please take a few minutes to visit – I honestly only share work that I enjoyed reading myself, so have a little faith and check them out.  I won’t be receiving messages (seriously? no electricity?!) but I look forward to catching up when I get home.

Love, peace, and chocolate to you all.