No, it’s not the annoying sound fake nails make on the table when someone’s tapping nervously, though it does grate on the nerves just as badly.




Those damn middle school cliques.

We consider ourselves endlessly blessed that Bear hangs with a strictly no drama llama crowd.  She loves her friends, she loves her team, and overall I’d say middle school is off to a good start.  But a middle school without girl cliques only exist in another dimension and we’re stuck smack dab in this one.

This means that occasionally my no drama llama shows up hating her hair or her clothes (yes, all of them) or the fact that she doesn’t own twenty pairs of shoes.  She doesn’t look like everyone else (hello, that’s a good thing) or have those name brand labels or is rolling in dollas.

In other words, she’s normal.  And normal tends to clash with cliques.

I have this recurring dream where I get to go into the middle school and meet with girls.  No, not a brass knuckles sort of meeting…but maybe if we could just sit them in a room…small groups, facing each other without their posse to hide behind, talking honestly until we chip away at some of the walls these girls build around themselves…well, maybe we could make some progress with the cliques.

Linda’s stream of consciousness post is our Saturday fun.  This week’s prompt was to use a word with “liqu” in it.