Those of you following the Gracie saga know this dog is trouble with a capital T.  Adorable, precious, loyal, but definitely Trouble.  If we’d had a crystal ball in the beginning then naming this dog would have been a piece of cake.

Don’t believe me?  Check out some of her shenanigans here or here or here.

We’ve got a history.  It’s not like we aren’t aware she’ll eat anything and everything, and yet we keep getting caught off guard.  So you can imagine the situation around here now that the holiday decorations are out.  Jesus, take the wheel.

Now, the rundown on Gracie’s oopsie moments before we’re waist deep in Christmas spirit.

**  T-man’s buttery toast sitting on the kitchen counter.  It was sort of his fault, he turned his back to say something to his friend, but still…

**  A single puzzle piece from our dining room table.  To say Bear’s attached to our puzzle would be an understatement.  To say she lost her sh*t when Gracie ate a piece would also be an understatement.

**  An entire tissue box and the handful of fibery tissues inside.

**  A couple of fig newtons along with the crinkly packaging containing all the delicious crumbs.

**  Popcorn.  The trick to this one is for Gracie to lurk beneath the legs of anyone eating popcorn.  Eventually they’re lulled into a sense of complacency, grab three or four pieces at a time, and inevitably drop one on the way from bowl to mouth.  End result?  Happy Gracie.

**  T-man’s earbuds.  There. Are. No. Words.

**  Pretzels left on the game room floor.  Why they were left on the floor is beyond me.

**  Egg shell snatched off the kitchen counter.

**  A soft, velvety Beats headphones bag with a crunchy cord clip.

As I glance around me I see low hanging ornaments, garland, a manger scene with something straw-like on the base, Amazon boxes, and (yes) the puzzle on the table.

‘Tis the season, may God be with us all.