…to move out of your parents’ house.

This didn’t used to be so much a question as a deadline.  You off to college?  Out you go.  You’ve got a job?  Good on you.  You’ve graduated high school and decided getting high on Fridays then sleeping ’til noon is a valid lifestyle?  Bet you’ve got lots of friends ready to share an apartment.  See you for Sunday dinner.

But not anymore.  These days moving out on your own seems more…calculated.  An intentional choice.  Shoot, it might involve T charts for all I know.

It’s a major life decision, and a personal one at that.  So naturally I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.


Signs you’re ready to move out of your parents’ house (AKA fly, baby, fly)

**  You’ve mastered critical life skills such as making soup, mac & cheese, and toast; maintaining basic hygiene; and getting dressed before going out in public.

**  You’ve graduated from high school/vocational school/college or earned your G.E.D.  Or you’ve decided school isn’t for you and joined the workforce.

**  You factor beer money into your monthly spending.

**  You’ve grown a full blown beard.

**  You have a credit card.

**  You find yourself navigating life as an adult under your parent’s roof.  (Diet.  Spending.  Sex life.  Awkward.)

**  Advanced knowledge: You understand how to set a thermostat, mow the grass, or thaw frozen foods.  You can stick to a budget (or at least understand what a budget is).  You’ve never started a fire by accident.


Still having trouble deciding?  Here are some questions to guide you.

**  Not sure if your degree is what you want to do?  No problem.  Get a j-o-b and figure it out while you earn some bank.

**  Don’t feel “ready”?  Get over it.  Lots of people are nervous before big life changes.  Trust that you’ll land on your feet, just like the generations before you.

**  Can’t afford it?  Adjust your expectations.  Nobody is flush with cash when they start off unless they’re a trust fund baby.  Get a roommate (or three).  Find a cheaper apartment.  Cut back on eating out and hitting the bars.  Believe it or not, you will survive.

**  “But Brandon and Ann and John all still live in their parents’ basements and they’re doing fine.”  Dude.  They are not doing fine.  Don’t get sucked into believing this is the new normal; it isn’t.  Adults need to head on out and lead their adult lives.  Parents are also adults and need to get back to their own adult lives.  It’s a win/win.