Resolution’s such a loaded word this time of year.  I’m tempted to look back at last year’s post, say, around New Year’s Eve, but what if I find I broke my track record and made some 2017 resolutions?  Worse yet, what if I blew them off?

Ignorance is bliss.

I talk a good game but I’d say I already made my resolution.  Got a jump on it, as a matter of fact.  December 12th, to be precise.

I am (as my kids so dramatically put it) “ruining my life.”  After years of feeling crappy (that may be one of my actual diagnoses) I bit the bullet and saw a holistic doctor.  I’ve changed my diet.  Radically.  I’ve started doing yoga and what one might call a form of meditation.  (Hey, I’m a work in progress.)  Basically I’ve turned my life upside down.  And backwards.  But in a good way.

Switching to a new diet at the beginning of December took most of that “it’s a new year and this is my resolution to become stronger/healthier/whatever and it’s a 2018 promise so if I don’t do it then I’ll suck and most likely fail at everything new I try this year” pressure off, so all I had to deal with was the food transition shock.  I held off on the brutal elimination portion (that sorts out foods I have a sensitivity to) until after Christmas because I can handle a lot of things, but getting through three family dinners while worrying about sugar/corn/wheat/gluten content is not one of them.

December 26th dawned bright as I faced the next phase: no sugar, no wheat/gluten, no dairy, no corn, no sweeteners, no foods processed with any of this stuff.


But it’s more than a new year’s resolution to get healthy.  Hell, I’ve made that one dozens of times.  It’s a determination to give my body the foods it feels best eating, and I’ve already seen the proof it’s working.

Sure, skipping the Chic-fil-a sandwich and fries may have been tough, but it’s a worthwhile struggle.

Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt guides Saturday posts.  This week’s prompt is “resolution.”