Forever Family: fielding skills

I’m a pro when it comes to running interference.  P-r-o.  Got a Nosy Nellie asking probing questions about one of the kids?  I can nip that in the bud without breaking a sweat.  Or a Meddlesome Mindy making (unintentionally) offensive comments?  Yep, I can nip that sh*t, too.  We’re talking NFL worthy skills, baby.

But the kids are getting older now, so my days of running interference are ticking down.  More often than not T-man and Bear are out in the world, fielding offhand comments on their own.  And they’re doing okay…I just wish they didn’t have to hone this skill so early.


You guys look so much alike.

Yeah, they get this one.  A lot.  Sometimes even from people who know they’re adopted.  Like, separately.  I’m not sure how they handle it when I’m not around (well, duh), but when I am?  Can you say “awkward moment of silence”?

Wait.  That’s your mom?

These days I pick up these vibes most often in the car rider line.  I’ll pull up to the curb after school and occasionally catch the odd glimpse as T-man starts toward the car.  It’s been awhile since I overheard it, but I know it’s still happening.

So, are you playing basketball?

This one elicits different answers, obviously, since Bear says yes while T-man says no…and it’s not so much about the question as people’s reaction to their answers.  Everyone loves Bear’s because a) it gives them something interesting to talk about, and b) Bear really is passionate about the sport.  But T-man catches a little flack when he comes back with a no.  Listen.  I get it.  He’s tall, he’s black, he looks athletic, whatever.  The kid doesn’t like basketball.  Get over it.


It’s part of that whole helping baby birds learn how to fly thing, but man…it’s hard to retire this jersey.  All I want to do is run blocks for these guys of mine.  But the hard truth is that they probably don’t need my interference anymore.  Not with the pests, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Forever Family: fielding skills

  1. That mothering thing doesn’t ever go away though, no matter the age of the kids. Or at least, I find it sticking up its head with mine now and then – where I need to coach them on how to do something I know full well they don’t need coaching about. I usually warn them that I’m about to be a mother.

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  2. That’s probably typical, I bet there are entire clans fielding all the same questions.
    Imma tell you a story now:
    Long, long ago, when I was a high school student, my boyfriend kept talkin about this kid in one of his classes, as they got on so well. JT this and JT that, and JT’s 6’7, and JT’s little brother Tyrell… and when I met JT, I was shocked, SHOCKED he wasn’t black. He was, in fact, very similar to me in coloring, and he right away told me, “Yes, I’m tall, and no, I don’t play basketball.” Unforgettable 🙂
    His mama was a lil lady, too. Just petite and nearly twee of small. lol

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