I swore I wouldn’t look at the numbers.

I blog for me, I said.  For my own happiness.  Do I enjoy my time writing?  Does it help fulfill my creative side?  (The answer to all those is yes, by the way.)  Numbers are just that…numbers.  What an impersonal way to think about RFTM.

I made it about three days.

So yeah, I caved and checked the stats, and you know what?  That made me feel good, too.

No, I didn’t go viral and touch a million lives in 2017, but I already knew that.  I did find out that RFTM follows the Slow and Steady philosophy.

2015 to 2016, then 2016 to 2017.  Each year grew, both in total and average daily views.  Just about doubled, as a matter of fact.

Writing RFTM makes me happy.  The fact that more people enjoy visiting?  Well, I’m tickled pink.