Ecology, eco-friendly, ecosystem.

Economy, economical, economics.

Recognize, recognition, reconstruct, records.

Secondary, second, seconal.

Necco wafers.  Wait.  That doesn’t fit the pattern.

I’m a big believer in keeping order in the ecosystem.  Screwing things up in one area of the planet is bound to affect the others, and it boggles the mind that there are still people out there who don’t see the connection.  Sure, certain countries might be close to being on the opposite side of the planet, but we’re still all on the same planet.  ‘Nuff said.

I remember my Econ101 class in college like it was yesterday.  It was in one of the mid-sized classrooms, not one of those huge lecture halls, so there was nowhere to hide.  For a language geek like me Economics class felt a bit like standing naked in Times Square, praying no one noticed my mismatched socks.

Economical has taken on an entirely different meaning now that we’re eating clean.  There is nothing inexpensive about this.  I simply have to accept that my health is worth the investment.  (Still!)

I think we’ve got a problem with recognition today.  I’d say there’s a lack of it, but I guess I’d have to be more specific and say there’s a lack of effective recognition today.  Sure, the feel good, everybody gets a medal/trophy/ribbon ceremony involves a lot of clapping, but we’ve all seen what happens to those trinkets two months down the road.  They aren’t prized possessions because they aren’t special – unique to the person, individualized for a particular strength or achievement.  What’s a kid gonna internalize more, “you’re so smart!” or “you have the best smile when you’re enjoying math class”?

As for the Esses?  Secondary school brings on first, second, and third helpings of drama every blessed day.  Huh.  Wonder why seconal came to mind here…

Linda’s stream of consciousness post hits for Saturday.  Today’s prompt is “eco” – use a word that starts with eco- or has eco in it for your post.