Life is about celebrating all the things, don’t you think?  Big, little, everywhere in between – if we don’t do the happy dance as often as possible, well, then we’re missing out on a lot of chances to dance.  And I’m all about some dancing.  Just ask my kids.

So I don’t wanna brag, but…

1.  Nine times out of ten I can securely wrap the cord around my hair dryer without hitting myself in the head.  A 90% success rate?  I’ll take that.

2.  It’s been at least six months since I’ve had to induce vomiting in my dog.  Knock on wood.  Seriously, everybody – you know Gracie – knock on wood right now.  Thanks.

3.  I finally learned how to make a hard boiled egg.  Which means there’s hope for anybody in the kitchen.

4.  I’ve reached 100% unflappability when it comes to dancing publicly in front of my kids.  As a matter of fact, the more they protest, the harder I jam.

5.  We have the only golden retriever I know who reeks of salmon at twenty paces.

6.  I discovered Rockports.  Apparently they are old people shoes.  They are also Rock Solid Comfortable.  LIT.

7.  I can strike horror in the kids with six simple words uttered in front of their friends: “Do you remember that time when…”

8.  My dogs could compete in synchronized snoring at the Olympic level.  Also in riotous barking at invisible mail carriers.  They’re overachievers.

9.  T-man and Bear have successfully transitioned into doing their own laundry, if you measure “successful” by “me not doing their laundry every week.”  Which I do.  Clothes not getting clean in a timely manner?  Sounds like a personal problem to me.

10.  In the last two months I’ve learned how to cook tasty tilapia, salmon, broccoli, snow peas, carrots, and the perfect turkey burger.  Not too shabby for eight weeks’ time.