It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?  So long that I lost my baggie of questions and tossed structure to the wind last night.  It shows.  I think I’ll just edit out all the random dog shenanigans.

5 from my Tribe

One thing in your room you would grab on your way out the door if there’s a fire.  Not that you ever would, because if there’s a fire you’d leave right away.

  • T-man: If I had it, my phone.
  • Bear:  I don’t want to say this on your blog ’cause I’m gonna sound like a baby.
  • me:  Okay, fair enough.
  • BrightSide:  I would pick you up and carry you out.
  • Bear:  Stop it!  I don’t need that sappy romance.  Gracie.  I would pick up Gracie.
  • T-man:  I would pick up Phoebe!
  • me:  Wow…okay…so we’ve got T-man’s phone, Bear’s bromance with Gracie, BrightSide fireman carrying me out the door…
  • BrightSide:  You said if I could pick one thing –
  • Bear:  Mom would pick up Phoebe –
  • me:  And then he’d be fireman carrying both of us out!

In the spirit of snow days, what is your favorite article of clothing right now?

  • Bear:  Socks.  No!  Actually…
  • T-man:  Gloves.
  • Bear:  Okay, this is gonna sound really weird, but underwear.  ‘Cause that extra layer really keeps your cheeks warm.
  • BrightSide:  Technically, it’s shoes to keep my feet warm, but I gotta say this thing that D passed on to me?  Loving it.
  • me:  Oh, the North Face sweatshirt.  Yeah, it’s awesome.  I love my North Face jacket.  Even though I’m not out in the snow that much, when I do have to go out of the house it keeps me toasty warm.

Now…sweet versus salty.  And your favorite item from that category.

  • Bear:  I’m gonna go with salty and Bojangles’ french fries.  ‘Cause I’m really feeling that right now.
  • T-man:  Sweet Oreos.
  • BrightSide:  I’m really not sweet or salty.
  • T-man & Bear:  You’re salty!
  • BrightSide:  No, I was gonna say if I had to pick one I’d probably say sweet and Hershey’s chocolate.  Like Kit Kat or Twix.
  • me:  I choose salty and, I guess now, I choose salted and roasted almonds.

Bear, you throw a question out there.  “If you got a full scholarship to a college across the country and it was a really good school, would you go?”

  • T-man:  It’s easy for me.  Yeah!  ‘Cause it’s only four years.  And you can come back and see your family any time after college.  And in the middle of college.
  • me:  True.
  • Bear:  For me it would depend on what the scholarship was for and what school it was.
  • me:  Okay.  Well, let’s assume it’s a really good school, which you can translate to mean good for your major or good for whatever reason you want to go there…and it can be an academic or an athletic scholarship.
  • Bear:  Athletic scholarship.
  • me:  All right.  So then yes?  Okay.
  • BrightSide:  Past my phase in life.
  • Bear:  Nope!  While you were in high school.
  • BrightSide:  Probably not, no.  Because mom and dad told us that they would pay for us to go to school.
  • me:  Full scholarship!
  • BrightSide:  No, ’cause I already had school paid for and I wouldn’t want to be that far away from mom and dad.
  • Bear:  Well, I just don’t feel that way about my family.
  • BrightSide:  I love you, too.
  • me:  Umm…okay…yeah, I would take it, if it was a full scholarship.

Alright, T-man, you got a question?  “No.” BrightSide, you got a question?  (kids start vamping)  “Okay, let’s go down that road.  What is the worst punishment imaginable?”

  • Bear:  (laughing)  I’m not answering that.  I’m not answering that!  I Am Not Answering that, that is a death sentence, no, thank you!
  • me:  Okay, Bear’s opting out.
  • T-man:  I’m opting out, too.

“Okay, serious question.  Is it better to help yourself to get ahead, or is it better to help somebody else to get ahead?”

  • Bear:  I would say help somebody else to get ahead because I have people that can help me if I need help to get ahead.  Some people don’t have the other people to help them.
  • BrightSide:  How about you, T-man, help yourself or help others?
  • T-man:  What do you mean?
  • me:  It’s a general philosophy question.  Which is more your instinct?
  • BrightSide:  Let me answer this one.  Early on help yourself is more important because you have to be in a position to help others, and if you help yourself then through doing so you can help others.
  • me:  Hmm.  That’s true.  My answer to this question would have been different…
  • BrightSide:  Seriously, think about when you’re young you gotta make the grades, you gotta study hard –
  • Bear:  Yeah, and other people can help me do that!  People might not have someone to do that.
  • [BrightSide and Bear go back and forth on this for a bit]
  • BrightSide:  How about you, mom?
  • me:  I don’t know how to answer this question anymore.
  • T-man:  Me either.
  • BrightSide:  Do my questions go too deep?
  • Bear:  “Do my questions need to sleep”?
  • BrightSide:  Ugh.  So what does T-man say, help himself or help others?
  • me:  Um…he’s not committing either way.
  • T-man:  Yeah, not committing.
  • BrightSide:  I didn’t think you were allowed to not answer
  • me:  We’re not, but this is dragging on and on so we’re out.
  • BrightSide:  Okay, over and out.