Occupational hazards abound, though they vary greatly from job to job.  Everything from life threatening to nonsensical to nonsensically life threatening…there are precisely zero occupations that present zero hazards.

Let’s play Name That Occupation.


Q:  Highest risk of death by lion.

A:  Circus lion tamers.  Or safari guides who take ridiculously stupid tourists out into the wild.


Q:  Most likely to experience maiming by oak, pine, fir, or Black and Decker.

A:  Logging workers.


Q:  Highest risk factor for infected paper cuts.

A:  Postal worker or any position in a corporate mailroom.


Q:  Most frequent episodes of getting a contact high.

A:  Home Depot paint counter attendant.


Q:  At greatest risk for contracting a urinary tract infection.

A:  Teachers.  (That’s one they don’t tell you about in college.)


Q:  Highest incidence of hearing loss over time.

A:  Rock concert technicians, airport traffic directors (those orange stick guys on the tarmac), and sound quality experts for Beats headphones.


Q:  Most likely to lose a thumbnail and keep on working.

A:  Construction workers.


Q:  More than 50/50 chance that you’ll be caught in some bizarre meltdown moment and posted to YouTube for viral sharing.

A:  Flight attendant.

Linda’s stream of consciousness post is a weekly treasure.  This week’s prompt is “a word that starts with oc.”