the To Do List for this 46-year and 364-day-old

Only one more day before I roll into 47 which naturally means I’m thinking about my halfway-there To Do List.  As BrightSide kindly pointed out to Bear recently we’ve pretty much reached the midpoint…his commentary on average life spans and how we’re on the other side of that mountain so utterly horrified Bear, she’ll have fodder for years of counseling.

Don’t say we never did anything for our kids.

I feel like I’ve done a balanced job on my To Do List thus far.  Accomplishments I’m proud of along with a healthy dose of screw ups that make me shake my head.  (Sorry, social media fiends, “smh” – do you know how long it took me to figure out what that meant?  Way too long.)  But as far as I’m concerned I haven’t done too bad for 46 years on the planet.

As for the next 46?  Well, I’ve got some thoughts on that.

**  Get healthy.  Stay healthy.  Be able to do more at 60 than I could at 40.

**  Wear only 100% comfortable shoes.  At all times.  Period.

**  Breathe more oxygen.  You know, the clean kind.  The kind that isn’t pumped through air vents.

**  Eat chocolate.  Without guilt.  Or binging.

**  Find a way to eat tacos again.

**  Enjoy more books.

**  Get rid of Stuff.  Clothes that don’t fit my body or my life.  Shoes I never wear.  Makeup cluttering a drawer.  Half of my 80-odd pairs of socks.  Vet records for dogs we lost fifteen years ago.  I believe I could be 200 pounds lighter with a bit of effort.

**  Sing out loud and strong and proud.

13 thoughts on “the To Do List for this 46-year and 364-day-old

  1. The older I get, the higher on the priority list goes comfort. Shoes, clothes, chairs. Comfort. I clean out my closet twice a year, but my psyche seems to have a limit on how much I can actually get rid of at one time, so that project could last the rest of my life. I need to convince myself that 5 or maybe 6 outfits per season is enough.

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    • Yeah, that must be my problem, too. I could swear I just did a cleanout (okay, probably two years ago, but still) but there’s still clothes everywhere. Ev-er-y-where. Maybe I’ll get good like you and do it twice a year!

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  2. I’m good at clearing out space, but it’s non-stop! I live in a bungalow, which helps me keep things pared down, but I tell you, it’s non-stop.
    I appreciate the shoe commentary. I was walking across the parking lot fjords the other day, wondering if at 24, I even thought about falling? Would I wear my delightful wedge booties without a care in the world? Who was I?
    100% with you on the activity and oxygen levels.
    Good list. Good attitude. Lotta self love.

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    • The self love thing has gotten pretty important. Bear holds me accountable — if I make a too-snarky remark about myself she’ll call me on it.
      I’m quite certain I didn’t think about shoes enough when I was younger. I wasn’t running around in stilettos or anything, but I didn’t spend proper money on shoes. 😕

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